Libertarians: The Cool Party Even Before Blogs

BoingBoing zine coverBoing Boing has posted the first run of their original paper zine published in 1989 (a zine, short for magazine, was basically a DIY meatspace blog back in the day).

What caught my eye was they had interviewed Jack Dean, a Libertarian candidate for Senate who had just lost the 1988 race (and a name that pops up later during the 1996 Harry Browne campaign finance scandal):

This 36-page issue has an interview with my hero, Robert Anton Wilson, an article about the wonders of public-key crytography, a piece about lucid dreaming, an interview with the 1988 Libertarian candidate for the US Senate, reviews of zines, comics, books, and software, and lots of comics by me and my friends. The writing is clunky and the design is even more clunky, but I think it resonates nicely with the Boing Boing of 2005. Enjoy!

The most amazing thing about the interview is that the old adage rings true: the more things change the more they stay the same. Ballot access, the fight against drug war, and the wasted vote syndrome are still issues that are just as important today as they were back then.

You can download the entire 16MB pdf of the zine, or grab the GIF conversions of just the interview by clicking the thumbnails after the jump.

BoingBoing zine - Libertarian interview page 1 BoingBoing zine - Libertarian interview page 2
BoingBoing zine - Libertarian interview page 3 BoingBoing zine - Libertarian interview page 4
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