Libertarian Students for Saving Social Security?

Unfortunately, I do not have a link to this, as it was sent via e-mail. Basically, it was a plea to support the Bush plan for Social Security Reform. From the e-mail:

I am the president of the Columbia College Libertarians, and I am working on national outreach for Students for Saving Social Security, the leading non-partisan, nationwide student organization advocating for personal accounts…

As a libertarian, I understand that perhaps you do not appreciate many of the policies of the Bush Administration, neither do I. However, we can agree with President Bush that Social Security needs reform. SSSS is working to give our generation a voice in the campaign for lasting Social Security reform.

Ahhh, the poor fools. Their hearts are in the right place, but they’re delusional if they truly think the plan calls for any “privatization” or freedom on the part of the workers in this country.

Let’s see. Is Social Security a binding contract? Nope. Benefits can be diminished/terminated at any time.

Would you have access to that money prior to retiring? Nope.

Can you invest that money anywhere? Nope.

Can you opt out? Apparently not.

But hey! You get to pick from a predetermined set of stocks for the government to invest your money in… and regardless of how well your picks do, you’ll pretty much get the same (small) monthly paycheck when you’re 65.

  1. How about work to gradually get rid of this socialist program instead of “reform” it? This reforming nonsense indicates he thinks social security is a legitimate program.

  2. I sent them a scathing reply, saying how BS social security is. Obviously, I got no reply.

  3. I think that Mike N. is correct when he says “gradually get rid of” I think it is past any reform.

  4. It’s far more economical to save 5% (or more) of your paycheck, and then shut it into a 5% interest rate. You’ll be very well off when you retire if you do that.

  5. I think that’s my point… except by gradually get rid of, I mean stop it now. Pay people who are currently on it, but tell everyone 5 years out that you’re the last ones in and everyone else, tough shit.

    That’s the stupid thing. Social security is not a retirement plan, it’s welfare for the old. Seriously…. look into the law itself. It’s a steaming pile of socialism and it saddens me to see libertarians asking to save the very system they should abhor (IMHO)

  6. It is socialism and the only reason this country became socialist was because the people became so afraid they trusted the government to fix it. And temporarly they may have but now we are paying for it.