Libertarian Party should endorse PorkBusters

PorkBustersThe blogosphere is ablaze over the somehow recent news that — oh noes — the Republican led government isn’t fiscally conservative by a long shot. There’s this sentiment that the blame rests with Katrina ushering in big government, but come the fuck on. When someone like majority speaker Tom DeLay declares an “ongoing victory,” and says there is simply no fat left to cut in the federal budget — the shit has to hit the fan as the conservative base speaks up.

And they have. Glenn Reynolds and The Truth Laid Bear have teamed up and unveiled PorkBusters, a project to get the congresscritters to cough up all the bacon they brought home and slim down the federal budget. And it’s a great idea, because it’s going to bitchslap the bloated government right upside its fat head.

Which is why I’m surprised that once again, the Libertarian Party is silent. Hell, there should be a gigantic splash image right next to pledge image endorsing PorkBusters. Show some balls and jump feet first into the biggest conservative backlash against Republicans and ride the wave into 2006. Hell, every Libertarian candidate should endorse PorkBusters too, but that’s getting ahead of ourselves.

Come on Libertarian Party, do it.

Just fucking do it.

(They’re not going to do it, are they?)

Update: I would be remiss not to mention the Republican’s attempt to reel the budget in with their “Operation Offset” (because a war on accountants deserves a cool name, you dig?). With a deft knife, it appears they are ready to thinly slice the fat from the top ($5.2 billion in reduced corporate welfare) and work hard to get to those tendons holding the meat to the bone. Total FY2006 savings: $139 billion.

I await a smart juxtaposition of this document with any of the taxpayer pork groups’ proposals.

Another Update: From (a very conservative news outlet) [via Instapundit]:

What happens here is important, not just for recovery efforts in the Gulf, but for the future of conservatism and the relationship of fiscal conservatives with the GOP. If the Republican majority can’t prioritize spending now, there is no reason to believe it ever will.

Uh, earth to national LP… the true conservatives are restless, where are your open arms?

Stephen VanDyke

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