Libertarian Girl Exposed: Fake Fake Fake

Fake Libertarian GirlI’ve expressed my doubt at her being libertarian, but it turns out Libertarian Girl is a total hoax!

Catallarchy totally busts “her”, and has the scoop on this hoax:

I’ve reserved judgement until now, but something is beginning to smell fishy. Wazoo turned my attention to this personal ad on a mail-order bride website, containing a photo of “Viktoriya,” who shares a striking resemblance to Libertarian Girl.

I would have been skeptical of this revelation and chalked it up to a possible detractor, except when you go to this mail-order Russian bride profile, there are more pictures of the “Libertarian Girl”:

Libertarian Girl = Russian bride photos

“Libby G” (or whatever your nom de plume is today), your 15-minutes have just expired… even if you think you can brush this off with humor.

My skepticism radar has been peaked for a while, but you should also check out Mr. X’s find a month ago, where he found a post was copied verbatim from Libertarian Girl to another Blogger site:

At 7:14 AM this morning, Libertarian Girl posted about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. At 9:21 AM, the exact same post showed up on New York Night Owl’s blog.

My guess is that whoever is behind this is creating various fake blogs run by females. Investigate that other site (hint: Kristin LoGiudice is a fake name and the picture is pulled straight from a bridal site) and you’ll find out who’s behind this.

This is the power of the Internet… if you keep it real and work hard, you can go far, but if you try to short-circuit the climb to relevance, you will just get knocked down that much faster. What kills me is the hordes of complete fucking dumbasses who will fall for it in the meantime.

This is Hammer of Truth (A.K.A. Stephen VanDyke), signing off, and keeping it real.

UPDATE: I may not agree on a lot Wizbang! writes in the political fray, but he sums it up nicely here writing, “Libertarian Girl has a non-refundable one-way ticket to blog oblivion…”

ANOTHER: Looks like I’m gonna have to go through and update my blogroll, are you down with JPP? Also, everyone should be updating the list of blogs at the Libertarian Wiki. Wow, this is like one big lovely libertarian family reunion thanks to LG being outted, except I can’t date my cousins.

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