Libertarian Columnist to Replace Safire at NY Times

John TierneyThis is some incredibly good news for libertarian discourse in the news: bonafide libertarian John Tierney has been tapped to replace William Safire (ahem, “You don’t replace William Safire.”) as the conservative op-ed columnist for the New York Times. Editor and Publisher has the details in ‘N.Y. Times’ Picks John Tierney for Op-Ed Page:

Safire, reached at his office at the Dana Foundation, a non-profit group he now oversees in Washington, D.C., praised the choice of Tierney. “He’s a fine reporter with a definite libertarian streak and a good sense of humor,” Safire told E&P. “I’m rooting for him.” Safire also said that another conservative voice on the page is positive.

I give it 3 months before the liberal crowd is either nailing him to the wall on his columns or praising him for his rational insight. Obviously I don’t have a crystal ball to see these kinds of things, but the cynic in me is betting that he won’t sit too well with leftist readers of the Times (not to say Safire did either).

(via Hit & Run)

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Still, perhaps it will bring more libertarians out of the wood work. One can only hope…

    what can I say, despite the situation this world is in, I’m still an optimist.