In July, I posted a blog entry over at the Libertarian Party website entitled “Can Purism and Pragmatism Co-exist?” My key intent was to better define the role of the LP and figure out some mechanism for purists and pragmatists to ally against our common enemies. I closed my rant with with:

There is nothing wrong with being an ideologue – I consider myself one. However, in a conflict between ideology and politics – as a political party, the LP must act in a principled but political manner.
There is clearly room for both ideologues and political players within the libertarian movement. However, for movement to actually move, it is imperative that we work together instead of in opposition to one another.

The comments on that posting led to another blog entry, which I posted at LibertyForSale. There are many brands of libertarians, and I was trying to get beyond the traditional labels to better define the conflict many of us have with each other. In an e-mail, Tom Knapp summed the major conflict best by stating the real division is probably between the ideological wing and the political wing of the party. He even used this dividing point in an article a few days later.
I thought I had seen every possible legitimate definition and subset of libertarianism until I ran into this one today (which, in turn, led me to this website). The guy who wrote it is a local, so I intend to contact him personally and get more of his views on the topic.