Landmark Case Decided For Disabled Veterans

Despite my staunch stance against the war in Iraq, I believe in keeping promises to the soldiers that served and did so in a way that didn’t disgrace the nation (like those at Abu Ghraib).

Yesterday, November the 1st 2005, after 14 years of denial, a military tribunal has finally recognized ‘Gulf War Syndrome’. This is huge, as it will finally allow Vets that were promised medical care by the government to get medical treatment for their disabilities.

There is a great documentary out there, ‘Beyond Treason’, which shows the evidence and just the sheer magnitude of this problem. In a war that only had a coalition causality count of 378, The American Gulf War Veterans Association is claiming the post war casualties are as high as 15,000 from exposure to things like depleted uranium.

Hopefully the vets can get some of the help they were promised, and hopefully no more of our troops will have to suffer in such a manner (particularly for this debacle of a war we have going on now).

  1. Yeah, as long as we’ve runined there lives, we might as well try to save them. This is good news. I wish it happened more often.

  2. Why would anyone want to serve this country by joining the military if the promises made are not kept? I can answer for myself.

    I am on service connected disability from the Vietnam skirmish. It took me 30+ years for the VA to acknowledge the disabilities and multiple appeals. That is the American way.

    The answer is that I am a patriot and did what I believed was my duty. Would I do it again? You bet even if I got nothing in return for my service because this is unquestionably the most awesome nation ever devised even with all the complaints we can muster against it. Receiving disability only makes a little easier.

    I would rather be homeless in the USA than live in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Iraq and many other countries too numerous to mention. It is not the money, it is the freedom we have.