Kim Jong Il: “I am the Bomb”

Kim Jong Il“What is matter with you people, I say I am the bomb.” Those were the words uttered at a press conference gathering in North Korea to hear a prepared statement from Kim Jong Il. A moment later, translation services looked up from their table at the press conference, confused. “I think he said ‘I am the bomb,'” one of them said. Another shook his head no, saying “He say ‘I dropped a bomb,'” and wringled his nose in disgust. By this point, Kim Jong Il had already put on his 80’s shades and moonwalked away from the press conference.

I’m still not quite sure who the hell Kip Winger is, but he’s involved. Reuters has the full story in S.Korea Shocked, Suspicious at N.Korea Nuclear Boast:

South Korea reacted with shock and suspicion on Friday to the first declaration from the reclusive North that it had nuclear weapons and had pulled out indefinitely from six-party disarmament talks.

[…]Some analysts said North Korea may be raising the stakes while U.S. attention was focused on Iran’s nuclear programs so that it can obtain better terms.

However, several warned such brinkmanship could have dangerous consequences, and South Korea should not underestimate the danger.

The Bush administration responded immediately to the nuclear claim by threatening to invade Iran.

Stephen VanDyke

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