Katrina Reconstruction Contracts – $2480 for 2 Hours of Roofing

Certainly, if there was competition for these contracts, the home repairs in New Orleans could be done MUCH cheaper than these inflated prices. I’m sure some of new 200,000 unemployed members of this community have the skills required to do this, and at a fraction of the cost.

No wonder government cost estimates are 200 billion. It’s so easy to be generous with the taxpayer’s money.

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  1. If you think the truck driver story is a waste by FEMA on the ice .At the storage center where the ice along with the water is being stored Americold Logistics in Carthage Mo.employees are burdened with working approximately 80 hours a week with no time off ice and water being unloaded having stickers put on it then shipped right back out.There is not enough storage space at the facility so the water is setting on the parking lot with pallets falling down and water containers breaking as most of the water is stacked and shouldn’t be.Plus a lot of temporary help is hired to help with the burden and FEMA is being charged for their help while in reality they have very little to do with the FEMA project yet I do not know but I would say FEMA is being charged for their help as well .Under the facilities contract with union personel it says employees will be required to work a reasonable amount of overtime FEMA is helping to break this contract as all the employees have not received a day off since before the hurricane hit New Orleans