Katrina Cover-up: First Locked In, Now Locked Out

That’s one of the pictures the U.S. government doesn’t want you to see. That and any pictures of the dead, the aftermath of the Superdome or Convention Center, and other things that shows how criminal our government behaved when it forcefully kept people from leaving.

Right under our very noses, this attempt to cover-up the worst U.S. government malfeasance against its own citizens is now being played out:

At that same fire scene, a police officer from out of town raised the muzzle of her weapon and aimed it at members of the media… obvious members of the media… armed only with notepads. Her actions (apparently because she thought reporters were encroaching on the scene) were over the top and she was told. There are automatic weapons and shotguns everywhere you look. It’s a stance that perhaps would have been appropriate during the open lawlessness that has long since ended on most of these streets. Someone else points out on television as I post this: the fact that the National Guard now bars entry (by journalists) to the very places where people last week were barred from LEAVING (The Convention Center and Superdome) is a kind of perverse and perfectly backward postscript to this awful chapter in American history.

What’s most amazing is the sheer brazenness with which they expect us to swallow last week’s criminal behavior and now censorship of its ever taking place. And of course they want to hold their own internal investigations on what went wrong, most likely in private, with no coverage. What people don’t realize is that it’s the U.S. government on trial here for its handling of the post-flood crisis it perpetrated, from Mayor Nagin (blasé towards evacuation) to Governor Blanco (blasé towards asking for help) to President Bush (blasé when initially asked for help, though true blame here lies with FEMA director Brown, the buck needs to stop somewhere). They shouldn’t be allowed to run their own investigation to determine who gets the fall on the government sword. Let the media back in, stop the censorship, and we’ll decide for ourselves based on the facts, not some stupid commission.

Yeeesh, who in their right mind lets a suspected murderer be his own trial judge?

Update: The new lie: there were no bodies at the convention center (and everything else was just a rumor).

New Orleans police chief Eddie Compass said last night: “We don’t have any substantiated rapes. We will investigate if the individuals come forward.”

And while many claim they happened, no witnesses, survivors or survivors’ relatives have come forward.

Nor has the source for the story of the murdered babies, or indeed their bodies, been found. And while the floor of the convention centre toilets were indeed covered in excrement, the Guardian found no corpses.

Oh, you mean these bodies?

Arkansas National Guardsman Mikel Brooks stepped through the food service entrance of the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center Monday, flipped on the light at the end of his machine gun, and started pointing out bodies.

“Don’t step in that blood – it’s contaminated,” he said. “That one with his arm sticking up in the air, he’s an old man.”
Then he shined the light on the smaller human figure under the white sheet next to the elderly man.

“That’s a kid,” he said. “There’s another one in the freezer, a 7-year-old with her throat cut.”

And these rapes?

They witnessed scenes of murder and looting, women were threatened with rape and racial tensions grew daily.

Jane Wheeldon, 20, a student from Carmarthen, South Wales, said: “We were the prime target. Guys would come up and stroke your back and your tummy and your bum to find any money you had on you. Everyone was staring and it was so intimidating.

Or these rapes?:

There were not only rapes, but gangrapes of children who were then killed. My female cousins were assaulted and barely escaped as some kind bystanders tried to help them only to then be beaten by the gangs. They finally left and hid around the city wherever they could and YES, they heard the gunfire and SAW gangs of mostly young boys with assault weapons who not only fired at each other, but anything that moved including aircraft.

Another Update: BuzzMachine echoes our sentiment about the cover-up, saying:

If there were ever a story that demands the bright light of public scrutiny, this is it. And that is not just so people can be fired – though I’m still waiting for Brownie to get the axe — but so we can keep watch on dangerous government incompetence on behalf of our fellow citizens and so we can learn and prevent it the next time.

This is a story in which we can play some part: The survivors will soon start telling their stories. And we should be flooding the government with FOIAs.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Now is the time for the LP to shine… Unfortunately they don’t know a thing about being a political party, so it’s not gonna happen.

  2. The government removed the bodies because the government does not want whites to know that blacks were slaughtering whites. That does not bode well for their “Diversity is the next Messiah” program.