More FEMA Bureaucracy: TSA Screeners/Air Marshalls Were Needed to Check Evacuees

If it’s not one thing it’s another. Apparently the evacuation from the New Orleans airport ran into a snag because there weren’t enough air marshalls and passenger screeners available to make sure that the people being flown out weren’t terrorists (via Hit & Run):

Because of worries that terrorists could take advantage of such chaos, FEMA now must abide by post-9/11 security procedures, such as putting air marshals on flights. That meant stranded residents couldn’t be evacuated from the New Orleans airport until FEMA had rounded up dozens of Transportation Security Administration screeners and more than 50 federal air marshals. Inadequate power prevented officials from firing up X-ray machines and metal detectors until the government decided evacuees could be searched manually.

Technically, helicopter rides also fall under the TSA’s domain, so you just know that there’s some brain-dead paper-shuffler in Washington salivating at the prospect of putting metal detectors on helicopter rescue baskets and forming special lines on flooded roofs for suspicious-looking evacuees.

Of course, when an altercation erupted aboard an evacuee flight from Houston to Denver, it wasn’t the TSA or air marshalls that duct taped the idiot to his seat, it was other passengers.

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