Katrina and the Libertarian Party

Tim West was complaining earlier this week about the silence on Katrina at LP.org and offered his own, but what sums it up best is one of the comments left on an unrelated post:

Wow — when it comes to hurricane relief, it now appears that the only entity slower to respond than the federal government is… the Libertarian Party.

Websites all over the country now have links to Red Cross et al for people to donate to hurricane relief. Oh yeah – the LP certainly wouldn’t want people to donate to anyone other than the LP, would they?

I guess charitable voluntarism is a nice thing to have in the platform, but something the national LP can’t practice in real life.

Ouch. I would suggest switching the splash banner on the front page to a link to a charity list.

Update: Tim West is asking in another post. So is Third Party Watch, saying: “Nothing about Hurricane Katrina and nothing about the huge developments on the Supreme Court. Weird.”

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  1. Where does the money go? I am paying FEMA, I am paying the National Guard, hell I am even paying the politicians using this *natural* disaster to preen themselves on T.V.

    Just say no! I love the comparison of 9/11 to Katrina. They are NO comparison, one is terrorism brought on us by our own politicians and agencies charged to protect us. The other is a *natural* disaster that can barely be predicted and can NEVER be mastered.

    I have heard that we can rebuild the levies and that we can build them stronger so that they can withstand “ANY” hurricane in the future. My response… how do you know that. You do not, the weather is not an exact science… ask a scientist…. a qualified one… not just a T.V. puppet.