Remixed: “George Bush Don’t Like Black People”

What has surely got to be the feel-bad hit of the summer, Kanye West’s quotable tirade against George Bush has been remixed by The Legendary K.O, Words by Big Mon and Damien a/k/a Dem Knock-Out Boyz.

The incisive lyrics are some the the most politically charged to hit the hip-hop scene since the days of N.W.A.:

Five days in this motherfucking attic
I can’t use the cellphone I keep getting static
Dying ’cause they lying instead of telling us the truth (…)
Screwed ’cause they say they’re coming back for us, too
but that was three days ago and I don’t see no rescue(…)

Swam to the store, tryin’ to look for food
Corner store’s kinda flooded so I broke my way through
Got what I could but before I got through
News say the police shot a black man trying to loot

link to MP3 (8.7 MB) [via Boing Boing]

Reader Michael Nelson sends a link letting us know that FEMA and its staff have soured on KAMP, a non-profit working to set up a low-power radio station at the Houston Astrodome. One of the likely reasons for killing the project may be an inability to censor what’s played:

Rita Obey, a local official from Harris County Public Health Services, gave them a laundry list of prerequisites.

She made us promise not to play any rap music, because she thought it might incite some of the evacuees to violence.

Obey, speaking to Wired News, explained that the JIC couldn’t see a use for the radio station when they had the ability to communicate via the loudspeaker system and newsletters.

It boils down to controlling the airwaves, and the government saw that censorship might be a problem with this outside group. Looks like a steady diet of baseball organ music for the next few months.

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