Judge Orders Release of Abu Ghraib Photos

No no, this is not Playboy Shoot ( “The Women of Abu Ghraib – Ready to Whip You Into Action”). A District Judge has ordered the next round of Abu Ghraib photos to be released to the public. I’m sure this year’s calendar of photos will be just as exciting as last years edition.

The army didn’t want these photos released for fear of the safety of the troops. And I personally don’t blame them for trying. I imagine the public outcry will be fierce and violence in Iraq will stir up considerably.

So do I support the release of the photos? Absolutely.

This is not a case of accidents or mistake. This was just torture. This was just boredom. As one soldier put it, it ‘was sport’. Though, I imagine we won that game, despite being the visiting team. The ACLU fought for their release, and it looks promising that they’ll get their way.

Look, war is hell, that’s for sure. But our soldiers shouldn’t be involved or condone the raping of little boys. I know I’m old fashion, but these types of torture chambers are so middle ages.

But we’ve learned a lot of good intelligence on where Osama is… we’ll find him any day now.

Update: This article helps shed light on one soldier’s attempts at going through the standard chain of command to end the abuse. He described the mentality of the abuse as the following:

“They wanted intel,” said a sergeant, one of the ordinary, untrained grunts pressed into duty as interrogation muscle. “As long as no [captives] came up dead, it happened. We kept it to broken arms and legs” — sometimes with baseball bats, and occasionally augmented by scalding naked prisoners with burning chemicals. The soldiers learned their “stress techniques” from CIA interrogators, dropping into Iraq from their “unleashed” torture centers in Afghanistan, Diego Garcia and points unknown.

But of course they didn’t always “keep it” to broken arms and legs. Fishback, who had been trying desperately to get his superiors to act on the atrocities he’d witnessed himself, discovered that a captive had been “interrogated” to death.

So apparently the detainees have important information, but not so important that killing them and losing this intel forever is a big deal.

  1. Ricky Ratter,

    You bastard, to even imply that soldiers rape little boys. Your link does not work. Also, where did this sport torture thing come from? You are cut from the same cloth of those during Vietnam that called me baby killer. You truly piss me off. Tell me where you live and I will hunt you down like a wild animal and show you how I operate. I told you where I lived when you asked and you never showed.

    Know what? I have tried to volunteer to assist returning combat soldiers to deal with the trauma of war but now the bastard antiwar demonstrators, even though small groups, are showing up at the vet center, vet clinic and at the gates of the army post.

    It is those like you that cause the demonstrators (with their hidden agendas) to project all the ills of the government on the individual line soldiers. It is Vietnam all over again. Blame the soldier, not the system.

    I am one pissed off vet with you and your kind. What does the crap you are writing have to do with libertarianism? Nothing. Again, need an address, you coward. I believe you will hide from me. I did not hide from you.

  2. Hey Julian! Glad to see you back. Answering your questions/concerns.

    But first, what link doesn’t work? I’ve tried them all and was able to get through… maybe they are getting blocked at work.

    1. I do not hate the US soldiers. I hate the administration that is sending them over there to be killed… and not just in combat. It is widely known and publically documented that the US used depleted uranium (DU) in much of Desert Storm. Something on the order of 320 tons worth. This has led to 250,000 of this countries’ sons and daughters to be left with some form of permanent disability.
    250,000 Julian. Those are people that wanted to defend this country, just like you did. And the government is poisoning them and then barely helping them out afterward. The situation is so bad, that the American Gulf War Veterans Association made a documentary about it called “Beyond Treason” http://www.beyondtreason.com/

    This movie, has all their documents in order and all the proof needed to show how are troops were betrayed by the people that sent them. They were promised to be taken care of when they returned and they were left by the wayside. DO YOU SUPPORT THIS JULIAN? I certainly don’t.

    2. The pretext for the war was to save american lives by stopping terrorism. Yet, look at Katrina. The government certainly didn’t seem to try that hard in helping people out. They took there sweet old time and, only when pressured, decided to show up and do something.

    Then there is the downing street memo. http://www.downingstreetmemo.com/ Proof that intellegence was just made up in order to get public support behind us to start the war. It would be the equivalent of sending you to vietnam to fight communism, only to find out there were no communists in Vietnam. That’s obviously not the case, I’m just using it as an example.

    3. We can’t invade every country. Face it, there were certainly many different countries that we could have invaded. Yet, Iraq was the choice. Are we now going to invade everyone elses country and tell them how to run their lives? We’re losing our liberties left and right here (just look at the Kelo decision). Who are we to say what ‘freedom’ is anymore.

    Now’s when you reply to me calling me names, threatening violence because I somehow hate our soldiers. And that’s bullshit. I have no idea what horrors you lived through Julian, as well as the backstabbing you get on a day to day basis now. Do you want more soldiers to go through the same? Do you like the fact that many Iraqi war vets come home and their families come down with the Gulf War Syndrome? This is NOT a justified war. This is an occupation sir. And I will speak out against this every chance I get, despite your threats of violence against me. I’m not going to walk on eggshells or suppress the truth, just because it happens to be painful. If you want to blindly follow leaders that are knowingly killing our soldiers, then watch fox news.

    If you continue to just make threats, you’ll never convince anyone that your reasons are just.