Irony in Action: Prominent Anti-Gun Activist Faces Gun/Drug Charges

Million Mom MarchHow could I miss this wonderful bit of hypocrisy:

A Springfield woman [Annette “Flirty” Stevens] who began lobbying against gun violence after her son was shot to death in 2002 was arrested last week when police allegedly found an illegal gun and drugs in her home.

The handgun, which had a scratched-off serial number, and drugs allegedly were discovered Friday morning inside Stevens’ home in the 2500 block of South 15th Street. Authorities said they obtained a search warrant for the residence as part of an ongoing investigation of a recent series of drive-by shootings.

Last fall, she appeared with other anti-gun advocates at a Statehouse news conference to urge federal officials to renew a ban against semiautomatic assault weapons.

So the same Bill of Rights she’s been trying to undermine (2nd Amendment), she flees to when the shit hits the fan (4th Amendment) and she’s indicted on charges that she’s been fighting to strengthen for the past three years.

You hear that? That’s the sound of the world’s tiniest violin playing the world’s saddest song for this stupid bitch. I hope the judge has an acute sense of humor and throws minimum sentencing guidelines at her, maybe she’ll have a change of heart after realizing the error of her ways, but I doubt it.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. There really is too much hypocrisy evident in the anti-gun movement. Of course when your core beliefs are so self contradictory as to be that disarming law abiding citizens makes us all safer, then it is really to be expected.