Ironic: Fox News Sells “Holiday Tree” Ornaments

With all the bile that Bill O’Reilly and pals dish on city governments for calling a tree “holiday” instead of “Christmas”, you’d think the Fox News store wouldn’t make such a glaring mistake:

Fox News holiday ornament

My personal take on the whole issue is that it’s all a bunch of hooey over what to call a tree. I’m preferential to calling it a Christmas tree since that’s how I was brought up, but I’ll be damned if I remember reading anywhere in the bible about Jesus hanging ornaments on a 6-foot Douglas-fir to celebrate his birthday each year (that’s right, it’s a Christian assimilation of a pagan ritual).

Stephen VanDyke

I've published HoT along with about 300+ friends since 2002. We're all Americans who are snarky and love our country. I'm a libertarian that registered Republican because I like to win elections. That's pretty much it.

  1. I just returned from Thailand, a Buddhist country. At every business, street corner even, there was an altar to Buddha. And, there was a Christmas tree in every hotel and at many businesses. Christians may do themselves a great service by reading the history of their own religion. Not the Bible. Just read history. It may shock them to find that nearly every “christian” display of adoration came from a pagan ritual. Constantine could not have established what amounts to a near world domination without making those he brought in comfortable. Comfortable enough to accept the new law, and maintain the old custom.
    We may all do well to remember that it is not only religion that seeks to change a people. Our lawmakers are doing the same daily. People are quick to compare the US to the Roman Empire- maybe they are more on target than they think.

  2. I can’t believe fox news is taking Christmas out of Christmas.

    Now I have talked to God and he isn’t happy and either is Jesus because back in the day about 2,000 years ago Jesus celebrated his own birth by accepting many cool gifts and placing a giant tree or something like that in his house.


    You are correct Jesus was not born on December 25th and Christmas has nothing to do with his birth. I mean reindeer who use magic dust (us Libertarians should like that) but what does that have to do with the birth of Jesus..

  3. Jake… since you have a direct link to the “right” ear of GOD… can you please… pretty please.. ask him for world peace!?

    BTW… little tid-bit… Easter was first celebrated around 3000BC…. what is that about!?

    Damn Pagans and their false satan inspired religions!

  4. Yes it maybe a “Christian assimilation of a pagan ritual”, but what other religion or holiday puts ornaments on a tree for late December.

    So let the kids there fun, and stop killing children’s dreams about Christmas with bureaucracy and so-called “Political correctness”. As far as I can tell smashing a child’s dreams and innocence is not right/ correct in any way or form.
    Its a Christmas tree, end of story.

  5. “Yes it maybe a “Christian assimilation of a pagan ritual”, but what other religion or holiday puts ornaments on a tree for late December.”

    Some Russian Jews put up a tree with ornaments. I am hardly the poster child for Jesus, but I had a blast putting up our tree last night. A bottle of wine, some Christmas music (fun stuff- not carols) and the company of my little one. Whether you “keep Christ in Christmas” or not, it is a great time of year.

  6. Maybe this site should be renamed “the Jesus bashing site” or maybe “the athiests for liberty” site.

    I cannot believe how you people get off on bashing anyone that may have a belief other than your own.

    When does the Jew bashing begin? If you are going to continue to bash Christians and their belief system, at least be equal opportunists and bash every religion that believes in God.

    Oh, don’t leave out Muslims.

    Libertarians such as you are doomed to ever win. You must be all encompassing to gather enough votes to win elections. Remember, in numbers, you are outnumbered by those that believe in God than those of you that have no belief system at all.

    Seems to me you are committing political suicide to keep up the religious bashing.

  7. Julian,

    I am a Christian and you have read my post about how Libertarians can be Christians. I figured since most everyone in America is a Christian we should try reaching out to them.

    I did my best not to respond to the attacks on Christianity because it would only make things worse. The same with the attacks on inteligent design that we seen. How did them attacking my religion help spread libertarianism. If I was to see this and get my first impression of Libertarianism I would not be impressed.

    Because I am a Christian I often post about our privacy being invaded by RFID and tracking devices. I believe they are the mark of the beast. That is not to say I know when the end of the world is. Because of this and my belief in God I am often called crazy by some Libertarians.

    This post I see nothing wrong with because the fox news channel has made a big deal about the terms holiday and Christmas and then go and call them holiday ornaments.

  8. Julian,

    Oh come on, I was simply poking fun at Fox News because they’ve been on the OMG-liberals-hate-the-word-Christmas kick and then they go and do the same thing. It’s duplicitous, and as I noted — ironic.

    Fact is, people call their “holiday” Christmas or Kwaanzaa or Hannukah, but corporations like to lump them all together in order to make their advertising buck go further. It’s clearly a stupid tactic when they start interchanging Christmas and holiday on something like Christmas trees.

    Anyways, I don’t bash religion, just the people who do stupid things in the name of theirs.

  9. Stephen

    I am not targeting you or this particular article. What I am targeting is the thread of some people constantly demeaning and disparaging those that have a belief in God throughout this site, other pseudo-libertarian sites I have been to and particularly the far left that really attacks those that have a belief in God, particularly Christians.

    I don’t care if you or other libertarians are pagans, heathens, athiests, diests, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Taoists, Hindus, or worship the ass on a horse.

    It just seems to me that in today’s world, way too many non-Christians, get off on Christian bashing. Is it a belief that Christians are getting their just desserts (in the minds of the bashers) for what has been done throughout history in the name of Christianity?

    I am of German descent. Does that make me responsible for what the Nazis did to the Jews in the name of German superiority? I don’t think so. The same principle exists when equating Christians with the transgressions of some in the name of Christianity throughout history.

    I say leave Christians alone. Focus on issues that are pertinent to making the LP a viable alternative to the other parties.

    Seems to me the Constitution said something to the effect that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF;… (Amendment I, 1791).

    Is it not strange that the authors of the Constitution placed this statement as the very first sentence in the Amendments that we know as the Bill of Rights?

    The exercise, belief in and practice of religion, any religion, is absolutely guaranteed by the Constitution.

    Libertarians should focus on the issues and quit being side tracked by issues that fail to address getting elected and implementing libertarian philosophy in the political system.

  10. Julian,

    I think many non-Christians like to bash Christians in all the ways they fall short, merely to make themselves feel good that knowing that Christians are humans too and have many flaws… and that if they are going to have flaws, why bother trying to be Christian.

    If a Christian starts spewing forth hate, the non-Christian rightfully points out that this too is something the bible opposes (judge not less ye be judged).

    And of course, the media loves to have a field day when a catholic priest is gay or does something with a little boy. I don’t justify their actions, but the press certainly enjoys a good ole Christian bash.

    Finally, the bible bangers don’t really help. People like Bill O’Reilly obviously use the Christian angle to win over many followers… but it’s pathetic and sad how he goes about it.

  11. Julian,
    I would like you to know that I love Christians- real Christians. The ones that actually do their best to spread love and compassion without bashing those of us who do not take the Bible as the literal word of God. I grew up in a Christian home and have seen first hand the hypocrisy of some who claim to be Christ followers. The crtitism can be passed around equally to all religions.
    It really is too bad, though, that most religious people attempt to beat others over the head for perceived wrong doings rather than make perfect their own hearts for God.