Iraq Govt Reports Surplus of Freedom Imports

On the heels of the previous blog entry, here’s a rundown of the freedoms Iraqis have but are highly regulated or illegal in the U.S.:

“Pleasure marriages were outlawed under Saddam Hussein but have begun to flourish again. The contracts, lasting anywhere from one hour to 10 years, generally stipulate that the man will pay the woman in exchange for sexual intimacy.”

“Patrolling in Iraq a couple of months ago, Army Spec. Carlos Arellano, a reservist and rapper from California, happened upon what he called “this beauty waving in the wind” — a marijuana plant just starting to blossom.”

Fully Automatic Guns
“[T]he Gun Owners of America, which attacks not the Iraqi gun ban but its relative laxity compared to gun-control laws in the United States. GOA states in a June 2 press release that the Bush administration is imposing a “double standard” by allowing Iraqis to own semiautomatic and even automatic weapons whose manufacture is banned in the United States.”

But hey, we waged this war for freedom after all, so let’s not get our panties in a bunch when we realize that in order to export freedom to Iraq and the rest of the Middle East, we might have to run a little bit of a freedom deficit here in America for a decade or so.

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