Iran’s President Questions the Holocaust

President of IranMy my my, the masses are waking up! This time, the president of Iran is questioning the actual severity of the holocaust.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad makes a very good point, stating that

“Some European countries insist on saying that Hitler killed millions of innocent Jews in furnaces and they insist on it to the extent that if anyone proves something contrary to that they condemn that person and throw them in jail,”

Exactly. European countries are doing everything they can to quickly imprison and silence these revisionists. But why? Why not show them the facts and shut them up? Well, unfortunately the facts are not in their favor. So imprisonment becomes their ‘final’ solution :)

Of course, the media is having a hissy fit with his statements, and the ADL probably shat a brick upon hearing someone question the standard old “6 million died” rhetoric that we’ve been fed for years. Don’t worry, we’ll invade them soon and set the record straight.

Many other resources point out the contradictions and science of why the 6 million figure is preposterous. I guess even saying that makes me anti-semitic eh? But I’d rather tell the truth than worry about what people think about me.

Update by Stephen VanDyke: Ahmadinejad is also the guy who has said “Israel must be wiped off the map.” And Iran’s sad state of human rights is enough to make Hitler proud, so take his comments with a grain of salt, there’s an agenda here.

Update by Nicholas Sarwark: This post does illustrate the fundamental problem with the speech restrictions in Germany and other European countries regarding specious claims about the Holocaust; the laws, though they may be well-intentioned, provide fodder for conspiracy theorists to allege a cover-up.

Only facts can put false claims to rest. In that vein, The Nizkor Project has extensive and thoroughly researched replies to most (if not all) claims made by Holocaust deniers and/or revisionists. Specific to the Institute for Historical Review (linked above), Nizkor has responded to each of their “66 Questions and Answers about the Holocaust” pamphlet, along with background information on IHR and its founder. The argumentative techniques used by Holocaust deniers are dissected as well.

If we’re going to have a debate on this topic, it’s best that everyone be well informed, no?

  1. Dear Rick,
    The President of Iran (who Stephen points out has an obvious agenda) denies some facts of the holocaust. In support of his statement you link to IHR (a known Holocaust denial organization), Stormfront (a white-supremacist website), and Honest Media Today (an anti-semitic “news” site). While all three of these resources claim that the Holocaust was “exaggerated,” they all have an obvious agenda.

    What would be far more persuasive is if you could cite some articles in a peer-reviewed history journal to support this position. Until then, “by their fruits shall you know them.”

    Yours truly,


  2. Nick

    Israel doesn’t have an agenda either? And no, I’m not Jew hating here, I’m talking about the zionists that want Israel to themselves and rid the Palestinians off the planet.

    Don’t like the stormfront link. Fine. The book is posted many other places like here

    Also, who cares if IHR is a “known holocaust denier” website. If I’m making the argument that 6 million didn’t die, wouldn’t they be a source I would want to cite? Particularly since they’ve put a lot of hours of research into it. Sure, they are biased. You know what, so are those that believe 6 million died. You know, when Auschwitz lowered their “official” death toll down from 4 million to 1.5 million, the “6 million total” remained. I don’t know about you, but basic math dictates that the number should at least go down to 4 million even if you believe the official numbers.


  3. Rick, you were the one talking about Iran, so it’s disingenuous to try and draw a parallel now with the US and human rights. I’m not saying we’re perfect, but I don’t think Iran is in any position to be giving the world lessons on ethnic discrimination.

  4. I say, give them all short range nukes and let the blasting begin, what ever is left we give to Hurricaine Katrina survivors and let them have a go at it.

    On a different vein, since it was your site that convinced me to try Firefox. Here is what I ask:

    Okay, for you Firefox 1.5 folks who have a learning curve edge: How come the two most recent posts that I just added will not show up if I start up Firefox and go to my blogsite?

    If I look at it via IE it shows up, if I go to a site where I have used the trackback function and go backwards, it shows up; but if I go from the bookmarked function, Zipp and Nada. So, What is the Solution?

  5. Nukes: I assume (hope) you’re being facetious. Though I admit my first reaction after 9/11 was to hope we nuked the bastards (Al Qaida, not the administration asleep at the wheel).

    Firefox: Not knowing your blog software, have you tried hitting reload or CTRL+R to force reload? Might be a caching problem.

  6. Rick

    You certainly know how to stir the puke pot. I cannot imagine you believe what you wrote. You might as well become a white aryian. Of course they are Christian and the radical Muslims such as the Iranian radicals preach killing Christians and Jews. You cannot escape their wrath even though you are trying to appease them.

    You are doomed if you do and doomed if you don’t. If you are an athiest, you are still doomed because you are still an infidel. Boy, you have a problem. You now have no choice but to join them as a radical Muslim if you want to save your own skin because being a Jew, Christian, athiest or anything else other than one of them dooms you to a most likely death, maybe by their preferred way, beheading.

    Sorry there is no way out for you. You might as well join the rest of us and choose to fight the bastards.

  7. “How come the two most recent posts that I just added will not show up if I start up Firefox and go to my blogsite?”

    Go to tools, options, privacy, and then clear the cache. It should work but be sure to do so frequently when you read blogs.

  8. Jake,

    I’ll always defend free speech rights, even if I’m not in agreement with the speech provided. That goes for you as well as any European or Mid-East country you cited.

    While there may be some dispute over exactly how many million were, it is hard to deny that millions died and others suffered terribly. I’ve seen too many tattoos and heard to many direct tales to believe that the actual truth is too very different from the “official” version provided.

    I suggest that you speak with a few actual Holocaust survivors or witnesses as part of fair and balanced reporting.

  9. Laurel,

    That is an excellent book to suggest. Not only does it paint the picture well, but it also is a fairly short read for those of us with hectic lives.

  10. Rick says:

    You know, when Auschwitz lowered their “official” death toll down from 4 million to 1.5 million, the “6 million total” remained. I don’t know about you, but basic math dictates that the number should at least go down to 4 million even if you believe the official numbers.

    Ok, even if I give you the 1.5 million deaths number, how in the hell does that make what they did any better? As if people are going to take the following thought process:

    Person 1: 6 MILLION? My God, that’s so sad, so disgusting… how could anyone DO such a thing?

    Person 2: It was only 1.5 million.

    Person 1: Oh, that’s cool… wasn’t that bad then… you going to eat that french fry?

    Makes sense to me… (As I wipe the sarcasm from my lips)

    I’m still trying to understand the relevancy of the post…

  11. Stephen,

    I think you are referring to Rick as I did not cite anyone.

    On the subject. I don’t know how many Jews died but I will say this the Holocaust was a terrible event where anyone in opposition to the government was targeted whether it be Jehovah’s witnesses or gays it was not right and should never have happened.

    I do think that people have a right to say what they believe even if I disagree with them but I don’t find the President of Iran to be a credible source of information.

  12. Stephen,

    I prefer evidence to witness testimony every time. Why? Because stories can change, facts cannot.

    The red cross was not only there during the war, they did not see any genocide occuring.

    Interestingly enough, the Red cross later apologized for not agreeing with the numbers of 6 million (there red cross tally, I believe, was on the order of 400,000) and those deaths were not due to gassings and/or bullets to the head… but rather rampant sickness from typhus, malaria, etc from the marshy lands in Poland.

    I don’t deny that people don’t have tattoos on their arms and actually had to stay in the barracks… but there’s absolutely no proof of gas chambers being used to kill people. In fact, the one gas chamber they do show has a plaque stating that it was built after the war!

  13. Mike,

    The point is, the holocaust card is Israel’s “get out of jail free” card. With it, organizations like the ADL have stifled free speech, particularly in european countries. This sympathy has allowed Israel to develop a powerful arsenal of nuclear weapons.

    When a whisteblower, Mordechai Vanunu, exposed Israel’s secret programs… he was jailed for at least 15 years… most of it in solitary confinement.

    Add this to the fact that most of our dealings in the middle east are not about oil or fighting the ‘terrorists’, but rather beating up on Israel’s enemies.

    If 1.5 million died, I’d still be upset. But it wasn’t the slaughter and genocide you see on disinfo movies like schlindler’s list.

  14. Other than some rocks and photographs, there is no evidence that man walked on the moon, either. I’ll take the word of the witnesses on that one, too. I actually know one person on the photo development crew (my father) and he certainly didn’t fake the famous photos we of the first steps on the moon.

    BTW, were all the photographs of the various concentration camps and “final solutions” centers faked, as well?

  15. Jake,

    Iran’s president is surely not the most credible source in the world… but do you think any one of the US’ “friends” could say such a bold statement? Nope… It would be political suicide.

    I suggest “They Dare to Speak Out”

    It’s a book about how powerful the AIPAC lobby can be, and anyone speaking out against Israel for any reason will most likely get canned. Makes it hard to be honest right?

  16. Sure, and while I’m looking there… perhaps you’d like to read the account by David Cole… A jewish male (this probably helped him get the interviews) goes to Auschwitz and grills the tour guide, supervisor, and the Museum director

    I think you’ll find it interesting as well. I’ll go through all your links, and post back.

    PS… quantity of links does not prove a point. Putting them all in one comment might be helpful as well.

  17. Based on the number of comments, I think we should post more of this holocaust revisionist stuff.


  18. Alright. Well here is one set of pictures

    Showing the swimming pool, the soccer field, a jewish wedding, etc.

    This link also has an excerpt from the David Cole interview of the camp director.

    Dr. Piper reveals to David Cole, on camera, how walls were knocked down and holes with “Zyklon B induction chimneys” installed in the roof so that the building could be exhibited as a “proof” of the “final solution.” And he doesn’t stop there. For a solid hour Dr. Piper talks about other “proofs” at Auschwitz for the “final solution” which are ALSO “reconstructions,” and discusses details of the camp that only a man such as he, who has worked at Auschwitz for a quarter century, would know.

  19. BTW stephen, which gas was used… Zyklon B?

    Well despite being a pesticide, it needs to be heated up to it’s boiling temperature of 78 degrees F before it can even be used as a fumigant.

    Thankfully, many camps no longer claim their were gas chambers meant to kill the jews. Because IF the Nazi’s were stupid enough to use this to kill the Jews, they would have had enormous heating bills and it wouldn’t taken a long time… probably as much time as it would take to die from overexposure to Raid or today’s pesticides.

  20. Last post tonight!

    Certainly a lot of pictures of starved people, which I did not deny happened. Lots died due to starvation, particularly as the Germans were getting their arses handed to them at the end of the war.

    The gas chambers are merely pictures of the outside, but they could be any buildings.
    An arrow to a building is not proof of a gas chamber.
    This looks more promising, but as I can’t read any of it, I have no clue about the validity of this picture. However, chemical analysis at “Krema” 1-5 show know tell tale signs of Zyklon B’s prussian blue.
    The only standing Krema in Auschwhitz has an “original” door (as per the claims of the tour guide – see David Cole Interview) which opens from the inside and has a glass window. It was a morgue, not a gas chamber.

  21. Rick

    You are writing nonsense for the sake of controversy. If Hitler and his henchmen did not kill 6 million Jews, then the following did not commit or order genocide either. I did my homework. Disprove the following numbers. You can’t.

    Mao Ze-Dong-49 million, Stalin-13 million, Hitler-13 million, Tojo-5 million, Pol Pot-1.7 million, Kim Il Sung-1.6 million, Menghitsu-1.5 million, Enver-1 million, Gowon-1 million, Brezhnev-900 thousand, Kambanda-800 thousand, Suharto-600 thousand, Hussein-600 thousand, Khan-500 thousand, Savimbi-400 thousand, Mullah Omar-400 thousand, Amin-300 thousand, Mussolini-300 thousand, Mobuto Seko-?
    Charles Taylor-200 thousand, Sankoh-200 thousand, Milosevic-180 thousand, Micombero-150 thousand, Turabi-100 thousand, Bokassa-?, Duvalier-60 thousand, Habre-40 thousand, Lenin-30 thousand, Franco-30 thousand, Al-Assad-25 thousand, Khomeini-20 thousand, Koroma-6 thousand, Bin Laden-4 thousand, Pinochet-3 thousand, Montt-2 thousand

  22. Julian,

    I don’t care about fame. Therefore, writing for the sake of controversy is just not in my blood.

    You say 13 million. Where are your sources to back such a claim. Even those that believe in the holocaust myth differ in estimated deaths ranging from 20 million to 100,000. I’m just curious as to what source you use.

  23. Rick

    Do you believe that so much of what you write can possibly be conspiricies to cover up the truth? Seems to me that you do. There must be thousands, if not millions of people colluding to rewrite history if you think Hitler et al did not kill 6 million Jews. You know, Stalin was not fond of Jews either so he killed his share too.

    They call what you have Paranoia. You may want to seek treatment for it.

    I used a very reliable source for the numbers I presented. Since you believe a miniscule number of history revisionists should rewrite history to conform with their fantasies of what it should be, I challenged you to disprove my numbers. You can’t but good luck trying. Maybe your sources can disprove 20th century wholesale mass murder committed by the despots I presented.

    This country should not be proactive in war as you believe? Look at the despots that have slaughtered their own people and anyone else they perceived as their enemy. It is not a pretty world.

  24. Maybe you believe Jews have deserved what they have gotten throughout history. Seems to me, after thinking about this, that you continuously choose to side with the enemies of Jews. I side with the Jews. This is what this country is all about, inclusion. The enemy of the Jew is also my enemy. I draw this conclusion from the historical, and see, I said the historical fact, not Biblical (which I also believe is a history book) fact that Christians owe their existance to the Jews. They are our historical ancestors as Jesus was a Jew so without Him, there would be no Christians.

    I, as a Christian, will lay my life down for a Jew. I still believe they have a right to their ancestral homeland. They have a right to live in peace and be left alone. Do you believe they need to suffer just a little more? How about Iran dropping the big one on them? We are heading in that direction and it will happen if people like you win control of our government.

  25. Julian,

    The reason I ask for your source, as the numbers vary from 9 million to 600,000 based on the reports of many “official” sources… Revisionists have made claims as low as 70,000 based on actual records found at the camps. But here is a link, with all the sources listed and the numbers claimed

    It seems even the experts disagree by a full order of magnitude. This should not just be brushed off lightly.

    It certainly isn’t a pretty world. Deciept is running rampant, and I’m trying to expose it.

    Finally, I side with organizations like

    I don’t hate the jews, I just believe their leadership has been hijacked and run by the same socialist/collectivists that we supposedly were against in the cold war. My how things change.

  26. Also, who cares if IHR is a “known holocaust denier” website. If I’m making the argument that 6 million didn’t die, wouldn’t they be a source I would want to cite? Particularly since they’ve put a lot of hours of research into it. Sure, they are biased. You know what, so are those that believe 6 million died. You know, when Auschwitz lowered their “official” death toll down from 4 million to 1.5 million, the “6 million total” remained. I don’t know about you, but basic math dictates that the number should at least go down to 4 million even if you believe the official numbers.

    Ah, the Auschwitz Gambit. Debunked in detail with full citations here. In short, the four million figure was a Soviet invention, and was never widely accepted. Additionally, it was not used in arriving at the six million total.

    Yours truly,

    …nothing new under the sun…