Iran’s President Backs Down on Holocaust Claims

President of IranI can certainly tell when I strike a nerve. My previous article about the President of Iran questioning the severity of the holocaust put everyone in a tizzy, and I was apparently fortunate enough to only have 2 clarifications being tacked on to my original post (hooray for me).

Let me make one thing clear. Iran’s president is a dumbass and I do not deny it. I also do not wake up every morning and verify my worldly views against his. However, with his claim on this particularly topic I wholeheartedly agree. I also applaud him for taking a stand in making such a seemingly bold claim.

Of course, political pressure came in and he caved in. His interior minister (not to be confused with the interior decorator, aka the US equivalent of Laura Bush) stated that the president was merely misunderstood. Ummmm…. Bullshit. He backed down and ran away.

Now many reading this blog are probably jumping up and down screaming, “YOU SEE YOU SEE, he was wrong and now he knows what an idiot he was!” While that certainly is an option, other issues make me believe that he backtracked simply as an attempt to avoid an inevitable war with the US/Israel.

After all, Israel is already getting prepared for war, citing the need to strike before Iran goes nuclear. This conveniently requires them to forget that they themselves have a very large and developed nuclear program, as exposed by the 17 year political prisoner Mordechai Vanunu. The real irony of this story kicks in when realizing that Israel used the holocaust as one of their reasons for protecting themselves with nuclear arms in the first place! You are wrong Iran, and if you keep talking, we’ll kick your ass!

But “he said, she said” aside, a war with Iran could potentially turn out to be quite grim, particularly if Russia decides to step in.

And for those of you who believe that truth speaks for itself, don’t worry. Shortly after, a bunch of people ambushed him for a polite debate (alleged) assassination attempt. Now if there was an attempt on our President for every lie HE said, the number of assassins being flown in would probably overload the DC subways (note: I do not condone such an activity. The subways are too crowded there as it is).

Update by Stephen VanDyke:

Agreeing with Iran’s president on the proportion of killing debate is just a bad idea. Hell, this is would be like using a Hitler speech on train schedule efficiency to make an argument on how to better manage the NYC subway system. You may be right on the facts, but I’d end up looking like a nutter for even bringing that up because it’s just not credible.

Iran’s president has ZERO credibility in anything he says about Jews or Israel or the Holocaust because… dun dun dun… he admits to hating them. His remarks on some Holocaust accounting issues that may have a nugget of truth to them is simply overshadowed by the fact that he’s a bigot.

  1. My parents were there, my brother was murdered by Mengele in Auschwitz and you are more ignorant than the vicious evil president of Iran, whonknows very well what and why he is saying the shit he says./

    You sir, need some education–maybe a trip to Europe would convince you. The people who murdered the six million Jews say they committed genocide on the Jews. What? You think the perps are liars? What is WRONG with you?

    I know. YOU ARE A JEW HATER PLAIN AND SIMPLE AND YOU WANT HITLER’S JOB FINISHED. You want my children dead. I wish you the same.
    What words in the English language don’t you understand? Would you like it in German?


  2. Did I say people didn’t die? Nope. I bet on the order of 600,000 did. Put was it due to sickness (malaria) or gassing?

    And no, I am not a Jew hater. I’m actually staying at Jewish families’ house while I work with the father at his company for part of my research. They are some of the nicest people I know.

    Perhaps I need and education. Enlighten me Jeanette.

  3. Regardless if what you say is true or not, this argument will do NOTHING to advance the Libertarian philosophy. As soon as you mention something like this you are labeled (As in the first comment of this post) and the rest of your commentary is ignored as racist banter.

    I know someone who believes Israel controls the US government and media and takes and active stance, presenting his “facts” to everyone he meets. After a few gatherings where this person rattled of their “Jew this” and “Jew that” speech I asked bystanders what his political philosophy was. EVERY PERSON I asked said “I don’t care what he believes” and finished off with something like “He makes me sick.”

    Rick, you lose people as soon as you give a problem an ethnic label. How effective would you be if you presented all of Bush’s problems as Christian ones?

    I know you are only talking about the holocaust in this post, but if you are like the other people I have argued with, I’m sure you share similar views on Jews.

  4. Mike,

    The libertarian aspect of this is the ability to speak freely. As you’ve seen in my other posts, in certain European countries, professors are fired and historians are jailed for even questioning the gassings.

    Fast forward to today. Would you like it if you questioned the torture at Abu Ghraib and be put in jail because of it?

    Also, Bush’s problem is a Christian one… mainly he uses that as leverage when he really isn’t one.

    Then your final quote

    “but if you are like the other people I have argued with, I’m sure you share similar views on Jews.”

    Ahh, lumping me in with people who just hate group x, y, or z for shits. Yet another reason why we can’t have a serious discussion on the matter.

  5. Jeanette

    Accept my apology on behalf of those of us that do not believe Rick’s position. I am a Christian and support Isreal’s right to self-preservation even when proactive strikes are necessary.

    I understand history and believe the Christians owe their existance to Judiasm. We study and believe in the Old Testament as well as the New Covenants. Many like Rick make really bizarre statements here that most of us do not agree with. The only reason I visit this website is to call their hand as much as possible.

    Please understand many if not most that are on this site are athiests whom only believe they answer to themselves. It is a philosophy here that the USA cannot get it right and we have no business meddling in the Middle East. The truth is the radical Muslims have a plan to kill all Jews and give Christians one chance to convert and if not, then they die too.

    They do not take our enemies seriously and believe in isolationism. They are dangerous to our survival.

  6. Rick

    You seem to be blogging on the wrong website. You need to check out the Nazis, Ku Klux Klan, White Aryans, Rev. Phelps, and the Radical Muslims. Your attitude toward Jews seems to be more in line with them.

    I will say it again as I have said it in the past. I will side with the Jews and die with them if necessary. You are choosing the wrong topics for a site like this. I believe you are a real Anti-Semite. I do believe you are a believer in revisionist history. I believe have no belief system other than in yourself. I will say this too. If you do not convert to Islam, then you are doomed to die like the rest of us if we lose this war on radical Muslims. I intend to go down fighting if necessary. Guess you will be on your knees praying to Allah some day if you have your waw.

  7. Julian,

    Not all here share Rick’s views (although he did provide good documentation on the Israeli nuke program this time) on the Holocaust.

    Matter of fact, I’m half Jewish and we have one (at least by ancestry, never asked about religious views) Jewish blogger here.

    I agree with you that Israel has a right to self-defense, but not the initiation of force (which is where we will likely disagree).

    The key issue to me is that we stop foriegn aid to both Israel and surrounding middle eastern countries. It simply ain’t our battle, and as Rick provided, they have the military resources to take care of themselves.

  8. Rick:
    Ahh, lumping me in with people who just hate group x, y, or z for shits. Yet another reason why we can’t have a serious discussion on the matter.

    Then I apologize for “lumping” you in with those who believe that Jews control the media, the government etc. So you DON’T believe that?

  9. Julian,

    Not to worry… I will probably lose my blogging status here anyway. I do not hate the Jews, only those in power that use them for evil purposes. See

    I apologize for disagreeing with you.

    Stephen G,

    Again, I am not just spouting like a deranged lunatic here. Iran might be crazy, but must Israel be above reproach? After all, we here at the Hammer certainly question our own governments intentions at every turn… why is Israel (and note, I didn’t say the Jews… there is a difference) above questioning?

    Mike H,

    You’re looking for a simple answer to a complex issue. First, it’s not the Jews. It’s a collection of all sorts of ugly individuals… and some of them happen to be Jewish, although just like Bush pretending to be Christian, they use it merely to gain credibility and they are not of the faith.

    Lastly, a quote
    He who dares not offend cannot be honest. – Thomas Paine

    Keep up the good work, Mike N!

  10. Rick,

    When did I ever hold Israel above reproach? My standard for them is the same as for every other country: Mess with us and we’ll take you out. Short of messing with us, I’m not all that concerned about who spit on whom last in the Middle East. Not my battle; we have enough tough ones to fight here in the U.S.

    I’m a non-interventionist, and that applies to both Israel and her enemies.

  11. Stephen,

    sorry. More of a question directed at everyone.

    Point being, everyone in the media is focused on Iran and their developing nuclear program… and not even mentioning that hey, Israel already has a well developed one and could use it well before Iran does. Therein lies the problem. Israel is an ally of the US.

    Think of it like allowing someone to drive home drunk just because he’s your friend. I mean, he’s your friend! You know he called hold his own and is trustworthy right?

    But then, someone else that you don’t like just turns the ignition on and heck, I’d be inclined to call the cops on his ass just for the simple joy of seeing the pained look on his face!

    In summary.
    If we are going to hold countries to a standard, let’s keep it even

  12. Rick

    Your drunk analogy is incorrect. We know the secret about Israel having nukes but they have acted responsibly for 30? years. They also are not agressors trying to convert people to a belief system or seizing land. It is my opinion that Israel will act in any way they see fit for their self preservation i.e., self defense.

    They are also an ally of ours. We are not threatened by them as we are by North Korea, Iran, and Radical Muslims wherever they may be. I believe we can depend on them and they can depend on us. What are allies for? Mutual protection in time of need, such as acts of aggression against one or the other.

    We need some friends in the world. We cannot stand alone and become isolationists as many liberaterians believe. We are too intertwined in trade and common goals with other nations to bury our heads in the sand.

  13. Julian,

    No worries about spelling. I mess that up all the time.

    Allies? Why not Japan, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Spain, Italy?

    Seriously. Why just Israel and the UK (which seems to be our only friends at the moment).

  14. I am by no means very well-informed on the holocaust debate. Perhaps I should look into it more.

    With that said, I definately agree with Rick about our blind relationship with Israel. If they were to “pre-emptively” stirke Iran with nukes, as a libertarian I by no means will defend their offensive war.

    I agree that we should support them, but the extreme bias we show towards them is unjustified, and frankly, causes us a good portion of our problems in the Middle East.

  15. Can anyone here say BRAINWASHED!?!
    Why is no-one ever allowed to criticise Isracist/Isnotreal? Anytime anyone does we get hit with the instant ANTI-SEMITE label. Zionist is racisim. Sure, Jews (& Muslims) share some religious teachings, but get schooled and check out the hateful and supremacist Talmud.
    Rick, you are on the mark. The holocaust figures are exaggerated, but one may go to jail for trying to start a rational discussion about this. Freedom of speech?
    Finally, it is almost funny how so-called Christians side with Zionists…their final plans are NOT compatible!!

  16. And, as expected, reports that the Iran Focus story was false:

    Tehran, Iran, Mar. 06 – Former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl reportedly told Iranian businessmen in Germany that he agreed with statements by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that the Holocaust was a “myth”, the semi-official Jomhouri Islami reported on Monday.