Inquiring Minds Want to Know: Is Condi Gay?

The folks at Wonkette seem a bit titilated over wondering whether Condoleeza Rice might actually prefer the softer sex. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

Is Condi gay?!?!?!?!??! Only the National Enquirer knows for sure. But we refuse to subscribe to find out. So much better to imagine… mmmm….

We know as much as they do, as we’re also too cheap to buy a copy of the latest National Enquirer. I know we have a lot of readers from both the Birmingham and Denver areas, so won’t y’all be kind enough to cough up a few interesting rumors from her younger years.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Well, the far left likes to say that skin color doesn’t matter either … but that’s certainly never stopped them from making nasty racial allusions about her. Certainly you don’t believe they would balk at exploiting rumors about her sexuality, do you?


  2. It’s the anti-Condi salvos being fired NOW, that will cement Condi’s decision to NOT run. Who wants to tangle with The Hildabeast, anyway?

    For those here in non-RepubliCrat Land, it’s fun to watch the two major parties throw dog poo at each other. Bread and circuses, and all that. Rome fiddling while Nero burns. I tend to mix my metaphors.

  3. Is Condi Rice gay? article from National Enquirer.

    I am a Birmingham resident who saw the newsstand article mentioned on your site.

    Knowing a few people from Condi’s old high school who hang out at my favorite watering hole, I asked them about the rumor.

    From two of the sources, they told me that Condoleeza was very sheltered by her parents and very studious during her high school years, but that she did have some friends in school, attended dances and games and liked boys from her school. She showed an attraction to men and that there was nothing they saw that indicated gay tendencies.

    I would never say that this meets any journalistic standards, its just heresay around a couple of beers, but I would take my friends word over what the Enquirer would say, if they claim she is gay (I didn’t buy the paper to find out their report.)