Independent 2008 Presidential Candidate Announces Iraq Exit Strategy

In a press release issued earlier today, Independent presidential candidate Webster Brooks has provided a summary of his 11 Point Iraq Peace Plan. Brooks has also called for a total withdrawal from Iraq no later than December 2008. His plan may be viewed on his campaign website.

The 11 key points of the exit strategy are:

    1. The New Iraq: A Functional Confederation of Three Autonomous Regions
    2. Accepting Iraq as a “Theo-democratic” Islamic Republic
    3. The Iran Factor – A Marriage of Convenience and Necessity
    4. Preserving the Militias Will Enhance Iraq’s Security
    5. Securing Kurdistan’s Autonomy by Taking a Hard Line With Turkey
    6. Bring the Arab League Into Iraq to Facilitate Sunni Reconciliation Talks
    7. Diminishing the Insurgency by Sealing the Syrian Border
    8. Closing the Back Door To al Queda; Securing the Saudi and Jordanian Borders
    9. Influencing an Equitable Oil Revenue Sharing Formula
    10. Establishing a Timetable to Train 300,000 Iraqi Troops
    11. Shift the Focus of the U.S. Military to Establishing “Green Zones”

Webster Brooks is an former DC mayoral candidate currently residing in Hartford, CT. He has managed both Republican and Democratic campaigns and is the founder of New England Republicans of Color and the Low Country and Chesapeake Society (an independent black think tank). Brooks left the GOP in 2003, and has been studying independent movements and third parties since then. He is currently running for president as an independent on a platform he describes as centrist, and his campaign is employing a unique electoral vote strategy.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. I have been watching his campaign very close and he does offer a very interesting electoral vote plan but I think I am staying with the Libertarian candidate on this one unless it appears like he could win.

  2. I’d be highly surprised if the issue of an Iraq exit strategy (victory strategy, peace strategy, disengagement strategy, whatever) will still be on the table in 2008.

    His positions on the issues can best be described as populist moderate, and seems more like a watered-down Republicrat than anything else.

  3. I think it would be interesting if we had him target about three states, the national lp campaign in about five states (let local groups campaign in their states), the green party in a few states and the we might just possibly pull enough votes away from the major parties to break the system.