In Case You Missed It

Life becomes quite hectic at times, so here are some recent stories that you may missed because I was frankly trying to catch up on work/life/sleep.

While it’s certainly true that real friends can’t be bought, the mainstream media doesn’t seem to mind getting paid off by the government to run favorable stories about Iraq and other hot topics. Now the media and government are best friends!

In fact, the US government has actually run out of ideas how to fix Iraq. Applications to fix it can be downloaded here. Please note, that the plan “nuking the towel-heads” is probably already taken by Cheney, though he can’t enter his own contest.

Police are planning to go undercover at Colby college to “curb drinking”. I assume this means the cops will just drink all the beer before the kids do.

Iran is trying to sell oil in Euros, which would be disastrous to the US dollar. Of course, Saddam tried to pull the same currency switch before we showed up at his doorstep and bitch slapped him.

Michael Moore is still an idiot for owning Halliburton stock, but even more stupid for denying it. Hey Mikey, we know you’re career depends on those darned republicans, but can’t you make your wealth off of them a little less discrete?

BYU has distanced itself from Professor Steven E. Jones’ controversial theory that ‘pre-positioned explosives’ took out World Trade Center 7 on 9/11. Apparently, neither the WTC buildings nor BYU could take the ‘heat’.

Benson is still going against the IRS, citing certified government documents that prove the 16th amendment was never ratified. Somewhere on the internet… an IRS tax shill has already recieved notice of this posting and will comment shortly :)

Another Iraq war link? Sure why not. An NSA historian analyst admits that the alleged Gulf of Tonkin attacks never happened. He was going to release this report in 2001, but it wasn’t because they didn’t want the ‘flawed intelligence’ of yesteryear to negatively affect the WMD lies of today.

That’s all ladies and gents. Tune in next week for more “In Case You Missed It” goodness. Please comment if you like/dislike this format.

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