Ilana Mercer, Ann Coulter and Blogs

Thanks to Kn@ppster, I found out that Ilana Mercer has started writing what she entitled BARELY A BLOG. Tom describes Mercer as his “favorite woman of the right”, a sentiment which I share — especially considering the hordes of e-mails once shared between the three of us when she was writing this article.

Mercer and I agree about the solutions to most of the major issues of the day. Even when there is disagreement, she always provides a eloquent presentation for her reasoned arguments — which is more than I will say of most political writers.

A writer who deserves frequent criticism is Ann Coulter, and Mercer takes her on:

Back to the central mistake in the Coulter column: Rogue prosecutors are deploying the law… law that is on the books for abuse by any Justice Department ‘berbloodhound, Democrat or Republican. It is not that Republicans are saints and Democrats are sinners, as Ms. Coulter’s tack suggests (they’re more or less competitively corrupt). Rather, rotten, unconstitutional law, and politically voracious prosecutors who abuse power are the problem.

Considering the unique talents of this particular writer, I would hesitate to call it BARELY A BLOG.

Stephen Gordon

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