Howard Stern: Free at last, free at last

Like a scene from a contemporary Atlas Shrugged, Howard Stern abandoned the public airwaves today to join the folks over in Galt’s Gulch. With his new gig in Sirius Satellite Radio land space, Stern will finally have the right to ask, “Who the fuck is John Galt?”

At the time of this posting, Stern’s website reads:

The revolution begins in 0 months 14 days 9 hours 41 minutes and 16 seconds
no more FCC, no more boss, no more interference… We’re going to the promised land!

Media headlines on Stern’s final day of traditional radio are almost as interesting. Here’s a sampling:

I’ll be expecting reports of a topless Dagny Taggart squirming on Howie’s lap in a couple of weeks.

Stephen Gordon

I like tasteful cigars, private property, American whiskey, fast cars, hot women, pre-bailout Jeeps, fine dining, worthwhile literature, low taxes, original music, personal privacy and self-defense rights -- but not necessarily in this order.

  1. I predict, on January 10, 2006, some puckered-anus bluenose politician will submit a bill to Congress calling for the FCC to have jurisdiction over Sirius and XM, AND cable and satellite TV.

    It’s an election year, after all.

  2. Keith,

    Perhaps they will add podcasting and internet streams, too.

    Shoot, why stop with that, let’s regulate blogs. Oh yeah, they are already trying to do that. My bad — I forgot.

  3. I drove for 6 hours to the rally with my 19 year old son. After standing mid-way through the throng (and some thongs) of supporters in Midtown, my view of the “stage” was non-existant, Luckily, an aging punk with a grey mohwak had a camera with a viewfinder helped us watch. But despite being packed in for hours what I did manage to see and enjoy around me was perhaps the joy that religious people get from going on the Hodge. Hearing people shouting out sound effects, and one-liners was totally worth it. They gave out laminates with a scratch off for the chance to get in the hard rock and hang with the inner circle. Mine didn’t win me that chance, nor my son,so after the rally we walked to the Museum of Modern Art and walked around seeing art work that could be potentially made illegal by our government. Finally the media fixates on the subscription price and they say you’ll have to pay $12.96 for howard, but you get the entire service for that amount. The history of recorded

  4. Sirius totally rocks. We have receivers in two of our cars and love the almost limitless choices in news, music and comedy. BTW, we put some spare cash into Sirius and are seeing nice growth.