How do Democrats “Bork” a SCOTUS Nominee?

Bork-o-maticWith Harriet Miers now yesterday’s news, the Supreme Court nomination process begins anew. But many of you may wonder just how the anti-nomination process works once it reaches the desks of the Democrats. Thankfully, Independent Sources clues us in with this tongue-in-cheek flowchart — The Bork-o-matic:

Independent Sources has happened upon Senate Democrat’s secret flow chart that provides guidance to Barbara Boxer and friends on how to handle Supreme Court nominees. It explains so much. You’ll be shocked! Dismayed! And then you’ll realize that once the President’s next selection is announced, you’re going to save an immense amount of time ignoring the Democrat’s rote opposition.

All that’s missing is excessive use of baseball analogies.

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  1. Meirs was truly the stealth nominee. This now gives President Bush the opportunity to nominate his real choice. I believe it will either be Oral Roberts who can heal the Supreme Court or Ted Kennedy who can walk on water as he did escaping a sinking car.

    Who else could Bush possibly nominate? Maybe someone else has a better clue.