HoT News Update

The Cory Maye saga continues. Balko has set up a link where you can catch all the latest from his site. It is worth noting that some of the wingnuts are now scurrying out from the cracks in the linoleum:

“What it all comes down to is that the cops had a warrant, identified themselves as police officers twice, and then Maye deliberately and knowingly chose to shoot one of them to death. For that crime, Maye deserves the needle, the noose, or the chair — not sympathy.”

Fortunately, even among conservatives, such whackjobs are in the distinct minority. These sorts of nutcases generally only come out after dark, so the current question is whether we should keep the lights on or squash the pesky little vermin as they expose themselves.

Columbia Journalism Review honored us with a quote:

All of which failed to convince the Hammer of Truth of any real difference between conservative and liberal bloggers. “Not surprisingly, [Crowley’s article] sent Michelle Malkin into apoplectic spasms,” wrote the Hammer of Truth. “Libertarian bloggers intuitively understand that there ain’t a dimes worth of difference between Elephants and Donkeys in the first place.”

Thanks! We thought they wrote an outstanding article, too.

The Pennsylvania student expelled for wearing a shirt depicting Dubya’s mug and emblazoned with the words “International Terrorist” is off the hook.

The principal says after hearing from the ACLU, school officials realized that the shirt, while potentially offensive, didn’t violate the school’s dress code. It had no references to sex, drugs, ethnic intimidation or explicit language.

The student’s reason for wearing the shirt in the first place:

He said he wore the shirt to express his anti-war position and for a class assignment in which he wrote a compare-contrast essay on Mr. Bush and Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

America certainly needs a lot more of that brand of patriotism.