Hormonal ranting…

I am a traveler. I experience the world, and therefore learn about my local environment. I enjoy teaching my kiddos that humans-no matter the country of origin- are fundamentally the same. It is in our natures to be protective of our lives and liberties, and there is nothing I have seen that would prove different. In every governed nation, there are ideas, leaders, followers and dissenters. There are always in power those who would abuse power, and there are always revolutionary minds. The revolutionary minds seem to always turn convention on its back. I guess it is the cyclical nature of life.

I am terrified, though, about our part in the cycle-specifically, our administration’s direction. (I voted to change our administration-Badnarik if you wonder) It is apparent that change is something a vote cannot always secure. We, in the US, are too wrapped up in the BS idea of a two party system. The GWB admin takes every opportunity to capitalize on fear and and then take freedom as the cost of secutity. Americans are watching freedom slip away, and the Iraqi’s understand that they are being duped.

Freedom is an individual idea. You can not lay prostrate to any state and have its whims declared law. You must face an adversary head on. The nation of Iraq wants the occupying force gone- I don’t blame them. Accepting the WASPs’ answer does not seem to appeal to some, and I agree. When you have to choose between a WASP and a hornet, what choice do you have? They are better to vote and deal with the outcome on their own.

  1. May I suggest that those of you that are “experts” on foriegn policy do a little traveling around the globe. I am not talking about a vacation to Cancun or the Bermudas.

    Go to Asia, particularly countries like Malaysia, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. Visit the Phillipines. Try entering Iran or North Korea. How about most any country in Africa. By all means, don’t miss all that most middle eastern countries have to offer.

    I believe you will be changed. Your perspective of the world, diplomacy and war will change forever.

    Again, quit taking safe vacations. Live a little risky in countries where most citizens hate our guts. I’ve been there and one cannot help but being changed on his belief systems when one realizes there are a lot of people and regimes that would like to see the total destruction of our Nation.

    I am a realist at my age. You will be too if you live long enough.

  2. Julian,

    A lot of us do travel or have lived overseas. If I recall correct, Michelle was in Thailand a couple of weeks ago. I think many of us know our way around the world.

    If anything, typical embarrassing American attitudes abroad confirm my view of foreign policy.

  3. Julian
    You should get to know who you bash. hmmmm, my recent trips. Indonesia, Thailand, Argentina, Brazil, Prague, France, Costa Rica, Italy, and I can keep going. Shoot, my passport is so full, that I have to get a new one BEFORE the expiration, which reminds me, I need to do that today because India requires a visa and I go there in March. I, personally, have seen some of the best and worst in the world. Most of us travel to learn. It seems that during your travels on a military plane, the only thing you learned is a chest pounding “America is perfect” rant. Did you march to it in the morning soldier? And FYI, while most of the world may not hate the guts of individual Americans, most of the world INDEED hates our current administration’s policy on just about everything. And as a responsible American, I must admit that there is justification for some of that hatred.

  4. I can’t believe you guys haven’t written more about Bush’s approval of phone taps, and his subsequent support for future use of the policy. Any new news on this?

  5. Julian, no need to tell me about that kind of thing. Why it’s scary to think the kind of the xenophobic fears that might breed in people who are closed-minded about the rest of the world and have no interest in learning some perspective.

    Case in point.

  6. Michelle

    I was not talking about my time in the military. This will surely piss you off. I traveled for an American corporation with past ties to the CIA.

    How about that?

  7. Zach,

    I keep starting to write something on it, then get distracted by something else. I’ll try to pump out some stupid rant tonight.

  8. Julian,

    Neither cops nor the CIA bother me. Cops operating outside of the scope of the law and CIA operations which defy the Constitution or establishes norms of human decency do.

    Remember, I’m a vet, too — and got my DD-214 along with Legion and VFW cards to prove it.

  9. Stephen Gordon

    You must be paranoid. I was directing the comment toward Stephen Van Dyke. Cops, the CIA, military and NSA are your best friends.

  10. Why would your second comment piss me off? It was your first that was so mean spirited. “safe vacations” And why does pissing people off seem to be the goal of all your comments? (pick a subject) Realist? Maybe bitter is a better description.
    Let’s get to the second comment now. Who did you work for, and in what capacity? Where did you travel? What did you see? Let’s have a conversation, Julian. Perhaps then we will be able to understand why it is that you seem to march in lock step with everything this administration does with this war. Let the edification begin!

  11. Michelle


    1. PAE International
    2. Contract Manager
    3. Throughout Asia and Southeast Asia
    4. Are you sure you want to know the answer?

    I am not in lock step with the present administration (I guess you mean Republicans) nor am I in lock step with the Democrats. I want to be a libertarian but doubt if I will be allowed to be one because I am in full support of the war on terror including what we are doing in Iraq. I guess that automatically disqualifies me as a libertarian from what I have read on this site.

    I will not agree with you on your position on the war on terror. I believe we do whatever it takes. I don’t care as long as we win. I believe all U.S. citizens enjoy the full protection of the Constitution but where in the Constitution does it say we should extend the same protections to the rest of the world or any alien living within our boundaries? Convince me that the Constitution applies to the entire world. Our enemies want to destroy us.

  12. The thing about “Our enemies want to destroy us” is that you’re implying our enemies are capable of destroying us. You’ve been drinking too much of the Rumsfeld Kool-Aid if you honestly believe that is going to happen anytime soon. I’m not saying we’ve “won” and we have nothing to worry about. I’m just saying that the threat isn’t even as close to as high as “Our enemies want to destroy us.”

    And by the way, if doing whatever it takes to win the war on terror involves invading a state on false pretenses and botching reconstruction to the point that we’ve created the true war against terrorists that we hoped for all along, then I actually understand what you’re saying. And I have a similarly effective policy for doing whatever it takes to win, a la Rush Limbaugh. It’s a little thing called the parking lot method for Middle East victory. It’s all over in a few mushroom clouds’ time. Just win, baby…

  13. I forgot to mention- there is no way to win a war against an emotion. Terror is fear and while I readily concede that suicide bombers and hijackers instill fear in people, there is no way to completely destroy all fear. I think that our administration has no desire to quell the fear in the hearts of our fellow Americans. They need to feed that emotion to keep control. To exacerbate already f’d up divisions based on ethnicity and religion is simply the easiest way to achieve their common goal. And the public takes the bait. It is really sad.

  14. Since Julian has not replied, I am putting this thread to bed. I think that it would be tough to remain objective about world affairs if your livelihood depended on its unrest. The military, cop, PAE project managers (with ties to the CIA) all depend on political and social unrest. Reminds me of a joke that goes, “How can you tell an addict is lying? His lips are moving.”