Hillary Shows Her Hawkish Bloomers Again

Hillary the Hawk received a chunk of ink over at MS-NBC. Check out the title and subtitle:

Hillary’s Military Offensive
Clinton’s hawkish stance is a two-edged political sword

Susannah Meadows, Howard Fineman and John Barry properly provided her latest philosophical excrement for us:

But Senator Clinton immediately began a methodical campaign to undo her image as a dovish liberal with no interest in military affairs. Post 9/11, she was quick to recognize that Democrats — and especially one all but openly running for president — were vulnerable on defense issues. It was a trap she has seemed determined to avoid. She supported the Iraq invasion and has resisted the call for a quick withdrawal championed by Democratic Rep. Jack Murtha. “In the wake of 9/11, America will not vote for anyone they do not trust to protect them,” says national-security analyst Lawrence Korb. “She grasps that.”

Based on Korb’s statement, Hillary is still thrusting her finger to the wind, as Republicans rightfully accused the Clintons during two presidential election campaigns. Whatever happened to doing what is right, as opposed to adhering to focus group and polling data?

While they were in the White House, the Clintons were never regarded warmly within the ranks or among the brass, and the First Lady was seen as especially hostile to the military. (There are still soldiers who swear by the myth that she banned uniforms at the White House.)

My last military duty station was in DC. The Clintoons were a key reason for my exodus from over a decade in the Army. In addition to the Somalia travesty, whenever Bill would jog by the office he’d try to run on the other side of the street merely to avoid having to return my salute. From my personal observations, he truly did loath the military. And Hillary was worse. BTW, she didn’t ban uniforms. Several of my friends had to serve food on various White House details. Even the Clinton lovers complained that they were forced to wear uniforms to serve hors d’oeuvres to a bunch of well-bred losers. The story I heard from multiple sources was that they got an ego stroke from having lowly senior military officers serve them food. The feedback I got was the higher the rank the more they liked it.

My opinion: Hillary is neither a hawk nor a dove, but a political opportunist. What she fails to grasp is that America now realizes that the Iraq was a collosal mistake, and she has to use spinmeisters to protect the ground which could have been hers in the first place.

Conservatives already hate her. Libertarians won’t be deceived by the Hillary-spin we can expect over the next election cycle. My word to my progressive and liberal friends is to stay true to your cause, as she will prove to be a traitor to all you find important in the long run.

Stephen Gordon

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