Has Blogging Jumped the Shark?

blogging jumps the sharkYou know when blogs are valued at $564.64 per inlink (which makes Hammer of Truth worth roughly less than $70K), there’s a little bit of a bubble:

AOL bought Weblogs inc., the two year old weblog network founded by Jason Calacanis and Brian Alvey, for a number that is rumored to be anywhere between $25 million and $40 million. In this process, Time Warner may be providing some ideas as to the valuation of blogs by traditional media.

[…]Should we now assume that traditional media companies are willing to pay between $500 and $1000 per site that links into a blog?

Not quite. The incremental value is in the size of the network and the underlying tools. Jason and Brian have been working on developing a blog authoring technology, called BlogSmith, that sits at the core of their network and one has to believe that AOL saw some value in the software too. However, one can easily say that blog valuations are going to be easier to make after this deal since it provides the first yardstick in that space.

In which case, the yardstick says AOL got fleeced. Welcome to Intarweb 2.0, milk it while you can mofo.

But in case you thought the blog hype only pervaded the boardroom, you need to take a look at the classroom where one enterprising English teacher instructs his students to create a blog, and one student applies the old and worn essay format to dissecting others’ blog posts:

In English 11, we have been given the assignment of creating a blog. I’m still a bit uncertain as to what a blog is; however, I feel that with all of the technology incorporated into the curriculum I will learn more about the options available. This blog will allow me to publish some of my work and will enhance my learning skills!

Thanks to Joe Stump for pointing out one of her blog entries, a long rambling analysis of his post about Jared the Subway guy:

The Joe Smug blog includes the author’s point of view on weightloss and the success of Jared by incorporating certain facts from a CNN article link. The author gives a personal testimony of his recent battle with weightloss, showing how he is personally affected by the issue. He then discusses two examples of those who lost weight, his college freshman roomate’s success with weightloss, losing 80 pounds in one summer, and Jared Fogle.

The author then writes for another 400 words in order to meet the teacher’s requirement for essay length. Seriously, rambling… AT IT’S BEST! YAY INTARWEB!

If this is how Internet 2.0 is shaping up, I’m more than a little disappointed.

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