Happy New Year

Woops, sorry I didn’t do the usual celebratory post like everyone else, or even post at all today. Instead, I spent this weekend celebrating, then moving to Cleveland (yes, it’s cold, no I don’t mind). I’m living with my friend Ken and we’re refurbishing old houses and living in them cheaply while we do it (I think the politically inept term is gentrification, but it’s essentially getting foreclosed houses from scum who trash these places and turning them into nice places). Posting will resume tomorrow as soon as I can get a job that pays for enough food and beer.

Also, where I was at in Atlanta for New Year’s sounded like an apt description of downtown Baghdad, what with all the ghetto folks going hillbilly style with their guns. Fun stuff.

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  1. Heh, someone around Dunwoody was shooting off what sounded to be a fully-automatic machinegun. (No, it wasn’t firecrackers. I know my guns.) In other words, you didn’t miss a thing. ;)