Hammer of Truth Feedback Request

bright ideaSome of the old-timers who read this blog will remember when it was just one solitary dude writing this stuff — me. I posted maybe once a day at best and would wander off and not blog for weeks at a time when I was burnt out (from blogging, work, life). Well, there’s seven of us now and several posts a day on several different topics that catch our eye.
Recently, we were even added as an official Google News source, which is giving us some major visibility and traffic to boot.
I want to ask you, faithful readers, how are we doing so far? How can we do better?
Beyond those questions, I have another: the direction of the site. My goal is to slowly transform Hammer of Truth into the biggest libertarian community blog that exists. I’d like to move in the direction of mega-site DailyKos, allowing anyone to join the site and start their own blog/journal, with frontpage linkage being decided on meritocracy, and to a lesser extent, my own prerogative. And I’d like to implement some form of threaded commenting with community moderation. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, and I’d like to know exactly what kind of community features you think would be a must-have.
Have your say in the comments.