Google Maps: Finding Things in D.C.

Google Maps - D.C.I’m really digging Google Maps, those guys come up with the most awesome shit and they seem to have tied it into their Google Local service.

Well, I was poking around with it, and was (somewhat) surprised by the results of the following queries. First, I thought I’d find out where the most of the bullshit is coming from in Washington… I already knew that address.

I figured Washington is a town that hasn’t been rocked by sex scandals in a while, so where is everyone getting their sex? Oh, makes sense. Actually, on closer look… not my style. Well, at least they can tell me where to get some porn.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Having lived in DC for years, and knowing that you are straight, my best advice follows:

    For free-market sex, try 14th Street NW. It is cheap and plentiful, but skanky.

    For sex without some political quid pro quo or cash exchange, start looking outside the beltline.

    That is unless you have the hots for LibertarianGirl. : )



  2. I’m glad to see that the LNC comes up one step above Camelot in the listings for porn. Of course Camelot is a quicker walk from my office.

    Maybe Libertarian Girl will eventually make a public appearance. I’d like to think that she’s not quite as vapid in person.

    Yours truly,
    Mr. X

    …not that I’m interested…