Goodbye ICANN, hello UN

UN ScrewThe United Nations’ International Telecommunication Union is hosting a world summit for the purpose of gaining control over the Internet:

The outcome could determine who eventually controls the technical and administrative infrastructure at the root of the Internet, which allows the computer network to function seamlessly worldwide.

Some officials fear the dispute could degenerate and eventually lead to the balkanisation of the Internet, breaking it up into a series of unconnected rival networks.

“The idea that the Internet is an unregulated haven, these days are finished,” a source close to the talks said.

Thank goodness. I was wondering when someone was going to come along and censor regulate the Internet.

Update by Stephen VanDyke: Late-breaking news that we can let out a sigh of relief (for now) [via BuzzMachine]:

A U.N. technology summit opened Wednesday after an 11th-hour agreement that leaves the United States with ultimate oversight of the main computers that direct the Internet’s flow of information, commerce and dissent.

  1. This is the same UN that features a civilian gun statue that is disabled… essentially letting folks know that they intend to restrict gun rights for their one world government.

    fuuu-huuuuck that