Friday Night Drunken Blogging

What’s everybody drinking? I’m on my second glass of Shiraz here. Comments are open for the night… hang out and have a few rounds.

Update: I’m guessing everyone is hung-over (not me though, hooray for vitamin B-12). Posting will resume shortly.

Stephen VanDyke

I've published HoT along with about 300+ friends since 2002. We're all Americans who are snarky and love our country. I'm a libertarian that registered Republican because I like to win elections. That's pretty much it.

  1. I’ll be drinking a few Cap’n and cokes soon… hopefully :)

    btw, anyone else notice that badnarik’s blog has been down for like months. I thought he was a computer guy. Stephen, you gotta smack that man up!

  2. Just finished Chardonnay with dinner. It seems almost time for Maker’s Mark and a cigar.

  3. Actually, a couple of friends of mine are going to have an IPA world series of beer pong… best of 7 games with everybodies favorite IPA… harpoon IPA

    and there will be much rejoicing.

  4. That blog entry took longer than expected. Had to refill the wine. Now it is bourbon time.

  5. Enjoy the cigar while you can, Stephen. Soon, you won’t be able to smoke them in your own home.

    “And in an incredible upset, this years’ Presidential election goes to the Prohibition Party…”

    God,if we had to choose between THEM and the Hildabeast… I’d just lie down on the railroad tracks.

    Time for another Jager and coke! That’ll cheer me up.

  6. Starting to get worried about VanDyke. He had two glasses of wine, his IM still says he is there, but he ain’t answering. Wonder if he passed out on that second glass. :)

  7. I don’t even have a buzz and I have managed to jack my last post. Thanks for the help Stephen Gordon.

  8. How is it I always hang with three olive men?

    You got it. Bring the wifey to Texas and I will mix some mean martinis. I was a bartender since birth. ;o)

  9. There’s probably some especially-insane anti-smoker working on a “prying cigars from cold dead fingers” bill right now, Steve. You know how anal those people are.

    Woo! Jagermeister! This stuff oughta be illeg- wait, forget I said that.

  10. you guys ever have a liquid valium? jaeger, barenjaeger and baileys? At 15, in the French Quarter, I learned that you could have two shots, be buzzed, and not have a drink in hand to get busted with. I can proudly say that I have been unable to stomach the strength of those since I have been old enough to enjoy booze legally.

  11. I usually drink Hurricanes when on the street in N’Awlins. They even have special cups for them, surprising called Hurricane cups.

    Sounds like a much rougher drink, though.

  12. Single-barrel bourbon, taking the edge off the three hour long Civil Procedure exam I just finished.

    Mmm, sweet booze.

  13. Tom Knapp just sent me an e-mail. I’m trying to get him to join us over here. Might have to do this in the honor of Hunter S. Thompson.

    Welcome aboard, Nicholas. Hope you did well on the exam, but at this point, you’ve got to catch up with us.

  14. Bradford’s dead?!? OMG, I didn’t even know that he had cancer. It’s a terrible loss for Liberty. I’ll have a little extra for him, but I’m going to be bowing out early at the request of my neglected girlfriend.

    Goodnight all.

    Yours truly,

  15. Yo Tom!

    Let’s drink for Bradford, then. Although he did trash me a slight bit in an article once, I always thought that he tried to be fair and accurate in his reporting. I’ll miss him.

    Here’s (tipping back my tumbler) to Bill.

  16. Nick,

    Just give me your girlfriend’s number — my specialty is taking care of neglect problems ;-)

    As far as Bill goes, I knew a number of people who had axes to grind with him, and sympathized with someone — but I always believed he was telling the truth as he saw it, which is really all anyone can ask for.

    Wish I’d picked up some bourbon for tonight. None of that fru-fru single barrel stuff, though (sorry, Nick) — Old Crow does the job.


  17. Tom – One of us still owes the other a bottle of Old Crow, anyway. I forgot the deal, though. Probably searchable on a blog comment somewhere, though.

    If this keeps up, I’ll drink too much and not complete my next posting. Michelle has more disciplne, and is plugging away while I’m chugging away. Her story should be pretty good, too.

  18. I’m waiting for the Cartoon Network story so that I can hat tip y’all on it at Kn@ppster when I do my own. Bastards (the FedGoons, not you).


  19. Tom,

    That is what Michelle is working on now. I’m giving RRND props on the Maye story, BTW.

    Our newest blogger (I think) should feel under pressure by now. hehehehe

  20. I just saw. Finished the one on Maye and now I’ve got to say something about Bill. Not sure what Michelle is up to; I’ll IM her.

  21. Since we are passing sad around, did you hear that Harry Browne seems to be wheelchair bound now?

  22. I hadn’t heard that, and it saddens me. I’ve always got along well with Harry, even when we were putatively political enemies (I worked for Rick Tompkins in 1996 and Don Gorman in 2000, and of course there was all the “Willis Affair” stuff …). I’ve given away more than one copy of his books. Why Government Doesn’t Work especially, to “I think I may be a libertarian” friends during election cycles, and his A-Z quick argument book to a couple of candidates.


  23. Darn, I was trying to get a graphic on Michelle’s post before google news caught it. Too late.

  24. Speaking of the Willis/Browne stuff, did you catch /2005/12/09/some-third-party-presidential-tidbits-and-rumors/

  25. Note on the 2008 LP nomination entry: I popped over to the poll your article referenced, voted, and see that Aaron Russo is the frontrunner with 43% (albeit with only 25 votes or so cast). I can’t speak for him in any way, but I suspect that Steve will agree with me that Aaron would likely be hesitant to stick his dick in the LP sausage grinder again. He ran the only voter-oriented campaign in 2004; he was the only candidate running radio and TV commercials for the general electorate instead of just gladhanding LP members/delegates. He had the biggest media presence by a damn sight … and none of that mattered in the end.

    I could bitch about this with respect to what it says about the LP, but I think I’ll just look in the fridge for more alcohol instead.


  26. If you bastards are still up, big props! My sorry, but not drunken ass, is retiring for the evening. Ahem, morning. Bon nuit, mes amis!

  27. Darned Microsoft, it is now reboot time, again.

    Anyway, getting late (after 2AM here) and I’m gonna crash soon

    Good night, all.

  28. ohhh man…. that was a lot of harpoon IPA. I’m going to feel that for a while :)

    oh well. lather, rinse, repeat.

    Stephen… are you still married to the windows OS? I realize linux can suck quite a bit too. I switched to the dark side (apple) a few years ago and have been very happy about it. The computers still crash from time to time… but the lack of horror stories is something I prefer.

  29. HA, I left for the pub at 10PM, just got back home half hour ago ;-)

    It’s always good to know the DJ.

  30. Lof of stimulant(ing conversation?) needed to stay out past dawn. You young whippersnappers. ;o)

  31. Rick,

    I was raised on Apple. However, I have to use MicroSucks to be immediately compatable with clients and the rest of the world — unfortunately.

  32. Stephen G,

    Compatibility? I feel it’s pretty good these days… except for some small time applications. Just having Microsoft office makes 80% of the problems

    eh, no worries. I’m sure if you could, you’d jump back over.

  33. That’s Gordon’s laptop. I’ve got a purty Powerbook G4 (with a MS optical mouse, heh).

  34. I generally drink Tetley’s Bitter(Beer)while blogging.
    Hammer of Truth is an attractive name for a site.If you look at my site(owlsarentwise),you will see the risks of hammering out truth in the UK.
    If these people were in the US they would be out of business in no time.

  35. It is Office (and IE) that I need the most. I still lose files and have transportability problems using other OSs and need to see developed webpages in IE, so I can see what most end-users see. I prefer Lixux, BTW and hopefully we will start to see significantly more open source OS users over the next few years.

    Optical mouses are a neccessary device – no longer optional.

  36. I was raised on Apple. However, I have to use MicroSucks to be immediately compatable with clients and the rest of the world — unfortunately.

    Naw…. just need to get familiar with a few choice applications and then you can be “compatible”.

    It is Office (and IE) that I need the most. I still lose files and have transportability problems using other OSs and need to see developed webpages in IE, so I can see what most end-users see.

    Optical mouses are a neccessary device – no longer optional.

    Optical? I’ve not had any problems with optical mice. IE is not missed if you are able to control the quality of the web programming for your site. My guess is that the tools on the distribution are getting in the way and confusing things a bit. I found that limiting options is actually more functional.

    Open Office 2 opens password protected Microsoft Office files and is extremely compatible!

  37. You mean like OpenOffice, etc? I still get attached files which aren’t compatible, and then I have to waste 10-15 minutes getting them open somehow. I’ve got two problematic ones in my inbox right now.

    I do use OpenOffice for my frontline output (and just helped my dad upload OO V2 the other day), but sometimes it is the input from MS which is the problem.

    Also, I have to use IE to see how a site will look to IE users. For instance, if I use an em instead of a px in my styleheet, IE won’t recognize it. Pain in the butt, too. Also, there are several pages I hit which Firefox or Netscape don’t work on (php or java coding probs) and I have to use IE to use their forms.

  38. Nah, microsoft office is on the mac my friend. I’ve had no compatibility issues whatsoever. Open office, that’s just no fun :)

  39. I noticed the books apparently were for Gordon’s Libertarian Leadership School Campaign Management class, even though I can’t read the title on the smaller book (although it’s consistent with the Trippi book title).

    I can’t read the wood nameplate, written in Olde English. What does it say?

    Personally I prefer trackballs–I get tired very quickly of row, row, row your mouse. And surfing would get tedious without a vertical scroll wheel.

  40. Good guess on the books.

    The nameplate reads “The Macon Telegraph”. It serves as a business card holder at my office.