FEMA’s Odyssey of the $100mil Ice

melting iceIt’s really FEMA-tastic how the deer in the headlights, say-anything-to-placate-the-masses mentality of FEMA leads to the Keystone Kops arriving and running up a hefty tab of stupidity:

Finally, 10 days after he started, the driver was told to take the ice to storage in Bettendorf, Iowa, Mr. Hohnstein said. The truck had traveled 3,282 miles, but not a cube of ice had reached a hurricane victim.
“Well,” Mr. Hohnstein said, “the driver got to see the country.”
His company’s bill to the government will exceed $15,000, he said, but the ice was worth less than $5,000. “It seemed like an incredible waste of money,” he said.

Multiply that by about 4,000 drivers… a lot of whom unwittingly donated their own time, gas money and patience, and you have a trucking industry that suddenly isn’t a big fan of big government.
Ironically, even Micheal Brown isn’t a fan of his own incompetence:

“I feebly attempted to get FEMA out of the business of ice,” Mr. Brown told a House panel this week. “I don’t think that’s a federal government responsibility to provide ice to keep my hamburger meat in my freezer or refrigerator fresh.”

Uh, yeah except it’s not used to chill your daiquiri, schmuck. It’s for hospitals to keep patients from dying of heat stroke in baking hospitals.
But let’s focus here on the truckers, and the political opportunity they represent (and the potential advertising on the backs of semi-trailers). Hell, a website calling itself The Trucker’s Report even has a manifesto of sorts:

Our goal is to help provide a voice to all people involved in the trucking industry in one form or another and to the motoring public as well whose lives are in jeopardy daily. Many of us are in an utter state of consternation as to why nothing is ever done or ever changes.
The only way things are to change is if we actually do something instead of just talking. We absolutely must have the motoring public’s support in achieving these goals. […]
[…] Yet the Democrats and others, who say they are for the working man, turn a blind eye to this because there is a lot of money involved and a lot of it shows up in their coffers at election time !

Seriously, any organization who’s motto is Hammer Down gets a thumbs up from us.