The FEMA/Katrina Debacle

Words cannot express how revolting this FEMA debacle has become. I wish I could update you on every aspect/tragedy, but there are literally dozens of new stories, posts, and articles going up every few hours. It is safe to say that at least 95%, if not all, of these stories have pointed out the shear failure of the government to do much of anything.

Let this be a lesson to everyone out there. Protect yourselves. Don’t believe for a second that FEMA is going to save your ass in times of crisis. Trust your friends, family, and close neighbors.

In the mean time, here’s a shotgun style list of the creme de la obscene in no particular order.

Katrina cop looters

There is a huge shortage of cops everywhere to catch the looters… except the cops at walmart who are looking for a new pair of nikes. Granted, some are stealing necessities, while others are just stealing out of greed.

Now we all know that politicians like photo ops, but can you imagine setting up a food distribution only for the duration of the photos? Sorry folks, we need to take this food back.

Ahh, the irony! It burns! Did you know september is national preparedness month? It’s sponsored by the American Red Cross and the Department of Homeland Security. You haven’t heard of it? Perhaps they forgot to send out the press release.

It’s good to know that the contracts for cleanup and reconstruction include such fine organizations like Halliburton. Hey Cheney, tell Bush to back off and let some more destruction happen. That way, more contract money for you!

Even the children could be terrorists. I mean, why else would the military be frisking children that they are trying to save? Those muslim terrorist sure are sneaky, training our 4 year olds from 4000 miles away.

Hey you stinking survivors. You better not start eating that emergency food before the First Lady shows up!

But Bush is doing a fine job. I mean, he says he can still handle Iraq and Katrina. I’m glad our President can multitask so well.

You remember how this was “national preparedness month” run by red cross and the department of homeland (in)security? Well, homeland security still won’t let the red cross in.

WARNING. Some graphic pictures are finally coming in. Death is never pretty, so be forewarned. Update: more photos.

You’d think with all the support pouring in from around the country, that some of the few national guards wouldn’t be playing cards while people are dying all around.

I could go on and on, but I getting close to punching my computer monitor out of sheer anger. Basically put, the severity of this tragedy has been amplified, not diminished, by FEMA. The outrage is all around this country. Even the mainstream media is beginning to become sickened by the whitewashing and the lies.

I gotta go vent. Please spread the word. This is far more serious than I originally thought possible.

For more information (big link lists), go to:
Katrina Mistake List
What Really Happened.

Again. Get the freagin word out.

Update: While I disagree with this guys desire to “empower FEMA”, this video clip shows just how little the government actually cares for the citizens. It’s highly emotional at the end, and to the point.

Update: Apparently, the looting cops are being questioned. I hope they get the 2 shown on the video at Walmart, though it’s a small and trivial worry when compared to the rebuilding of New Orleans.

  1. I’m with you on this. We’re even ticked off at some of our local politicians. Aaron Brousard, Parish President for Jefferson Parish, has declared martial law and locked us out all the while complaining that his cops are overworked. Guess what? Let us in and WE can be the eyes and ears for those overworked police officers while bringing in supplies, getting stores open and being a HELP to this entire effort. There needs to be a HUGE dialog here about how much we cannot rely on the federal government for anything, and just how much more we need to stop kowtowing to federal regulations which have no real constitutional basis for being (such as all the finiancial pressure the feds bring on state and local government to change their laws to what the feds want… I thought extortion was illegal, but what do I know.)

    We’re mighty pissed here, let me tell you.

  2. Gotta love that even the folks in New Orleans are getting sick of all the media hype.

    I find it unfathomable that people can go on accusing each other and ask for more government when they are ALL complaining about the government.

    I remember as a youth we had monthly air siren drills. Was I on base? Not always… sometimes I was with my mother in a “normal” city ie Phoenix, Az or Oakland, CA… I have not heard these in at least 15-20 years now.

    (going off on a tangent)
    Where’d they go? Can we rely on modern technologies to keep us informed? I would say not looking at New Orleans as an example.

    Who was the genius that thought up wi-fi for the superdome?

    My somewhat passive-aggressive take on this:

    Yeah… uh dude… I like just lost my house and half of my family in a hurricane/flood I’m walking around in sewage up to my waste… can I use your laptop… I want to check my stocks…

    Come on, pull your head down from on high and think simple. They need clothes, food, tp, and shelter. The bare essentials things we take for granted and end up focusing on trivial luxuries like wi-fi. (shaking head and sighing in disgust)
    (end tangent)

    The only finger I point is at each individual for not taking precautions. Before someone jumps on me for the destitute, I was so try hard! I understand this and sympathize…. steal a bus and get the hell out of there. Preserve yourself and your child, then go back if you so desire. Keep in mind our North American corporations have poisoned you and the grounds thanks to the help of our government and all of their greed.

    I say, take what you can and get the fuck out of dodge. But then… I am a self preservationist nutso patriot that believes that all this nationalist rhetoric is a steaming pile of shit!

    BTW… get me a cafe latte to go with that wi-fi…