FEMA Response: Incompetence or Malicious?

WING TV lisa - vicLet’s not mince words. I can understand human error. I can understand that in times of crisis, things will not always go as planned. However, at what point do we stop considering mere incompetence and start questioning whether there is something more to the story? It’s not just me, but many others around the blogsphere are starting to wonder why FEMA is not only failing at their job, but why do they appear to be hampering the rescue efforts of relief organizations and private citizens? They obviously need the help and are even crying for help, yet they have turned away almost all assistance. WTF?

WING TV’s online newscast on September 5th may help shed some of the more gruesome details. Also, the last 7 minutes of this episode is an sound clip from an interview with a resident in New Orleans who is NOT allowed to leave. He offers a first hand account at the horrors that he is facing, including the death of a baby in his group and the unlivable conditions that they are faced with. It’s heartbreaking. Worse yet, I bet there are thousands of stories just like his.

Before you make any judgments, watch the show and at least consider the possibility that people are not just stupid when they do things like cut emergency lines. To me, that’s not incompetence, that’s attempted murder.

  1. As we see in almost any major crisis… if you control the information, you can control the people. That’s probably why it’s taking forever to get pictures, news, and communication with the entire freaking city.

    If this isn’t treason, I don’t know what is.