FEMA Chief’s Resume: Rife with Lies

From grossly exaggerated job titles (“administrative assistant” inflated to “assistant city manager with emergency services oversight”) to magical elevation from lowly student at Central State University to the self-awarding of “Outstanding Political Science Professor,” FEMA Director Michael Brown’s resume has more bullshit than substance.

In an exclusive exposé by Time Magazine, Brown’s resume was fact-checked and the gaping holes in credibility and competence were blown wider as it became clear that incompetence was now compounded by lies.

Radley Balko explains how this revelation might play out:

It would be absurd — but rather predictable — if his handling of Katrina didn’t get Brown fired, but lying on his resume did. Seems to be how things work in the Bush administration. Incompetence gets rewarded. But disloyalty will get you canned. Don’t be surprised if this comparatively minor transgression is what brings Brown down.

Update (9/9): AP is breaking that Brown has been removed demoted after the news firestorm picked up on the resume stuff this morning. Details here.

Stephen VanDyke

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