FEMA Boss Sent to his Room; Keeps Job

Breaking news right now, will update as it rolls. Sploid has it and so does the AP:

Michael Brown is being sent back to Washington to do paperwork.

Coast Guard Vice Adm. Allen will head relief efforts in New Orleans.

Brown is not fired. He keeps his title, his job, everything. He is just being moved from public view.

Homeland Security boss Chertoff will make this announcement shortly.

All they are doing is hiding this incompetent jackass from political view… talk about sleazy ass-covering by this administration.

Update (1:05 PM Eastern): From Sploid:

Michael Chertoff says the military needs to be in charge, that’s why Brownie is being sent home. But Brown’s second-in-charge from FEMA will remain second-in-charge in New Orleans.

“Brown has done everything he possibly could … ”

Guess “everything” wasn’t quite enough.

No admission of Brown’s failure, or FEMA’s total failure. More self congragulation. No mention of the deliberate efforts of FEMA to keep water, food, rescue workers, fuel and equipment away from the scene.

More political nonsense.

Is this the Bush administration’s attempt to “fix” the problem?

Update (via Hit & Run): Waaah, it’s the Democrats fault for confirming the incompetent idiot. The Republicans are about as good at building levees around Brown sheilding him from criticism — as Brown is to reponding to them breeching.

Update: Brown isn’t the only one with no experience. In fact him and the next five people in charge are utterly devoid of any emergency management skills and were picked largely because of their political ties to president Bush’s 2000 campaign or to the White House advance operation.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. I saw the headline hit TotalFark and I was all excited. But after reading the article and discovering that they are in fact just hiding him from view I was quite dissappainted. At least they aren’t giving him a medal. I’m sure that will wait until some time later.

  2. Yeah, he couldn’t take the heat, so George brought him out of the hot seat. Now we have a new guy that will either A) save the day. Yay! the government is great! (end sarcasm) or B) keep fucking up, but hey, “I’m allowed to fuck up a few times too!”

    I want option C. Get FEMA out and let everyone else do the job. At least then we won’t have them there to sabotage everything.

  3. Why is no one listening? You are all blaming Brown and ignoring the fact that this guy was just doing what he was told, which is to DO NOTHING. Rice, Cheney, Bush, Brown, together DID NOTHING for days. It appears that Brown’s job was to prevent OTHERS from delivering aid and engaging in rescue. That’s what Bush refers to when he says “things that went right…Browny you did good.”

  4. Sonny,

    If you’ve been reading my posts… you’ll realize that I don’t buy the incompetence line one bit. This was deliberate. It has to be. No no no, the government, to the best of my knowledge as an engineer, does not manipulate the weather. But they did a damn good job making sure that this situation became as dire as possible just so they could declare martial law. Ohhhh goody. Now the government gets to pass some fat contracts and take control of land from the poor people. How freagin convenient.

    I’m with ya Sonny. There are way too many coincidental “accidents”. Like “oops” i cut your emergency phone lines. Oops I jammed radio signals. Oops, we didn’t know anyone was in the super dome for 2 days. Oops, we didn’t air drop food.