FEMA: Awesome at this Geography Stuff

We’re not sure we get the punchline to this joke (via Hit & Run):

Q: What do you do when you have nearly 200 trucks of ice for hurricane victims on the Gulf coast?

A: Send them to Maine.

Now, not to jump to conclusions, but smart money says someone at FEMA is gonna be eating lobster and clam chowder this weekend.

  1. Mike,

    My computer is too slow to view the video but I have heard reports of what happened. I think she was stopped from speeking because she did not have a permit, is that correct? If I have a right to do something I will not ask permission from anyone including the government and the police.

    If that is what happened my answer would be that is was thrown away a long time ago or has slowly fell apart with things like 500,000 dollar outhouses and 90,000 dollar tests to study condom use in the military. And then the patriot act, real id.