Fake Presidencies: All Wonkette Needs is a Pill

As they did once before, Wonkette may be on the verge of delivering a very significant story about the American political system. The headline reads: The West Wing: The Future of our Fake Presidency In Doubt. While not sure if Ana Marie Cox and crew meant for the West Wing comparison to be metaphorical, the readers at HoT already recognize the sham state of the current and most, if not all, recent presidencies.

When she Wonkette writer DCEIVER describes the future of the “President of Pretendland”, he/she could easily be talking about Bush II.1, Bush II.0, Clinton I.1, Clinton I.0, Bush I, ad infinitum ad nauseum. On West Wing, the characters seem to really care about real political issues and to really be concerned about real people who are really impacted by public policy. In reality, the top five list (order varies by regime) of things White House residents care about are: winning, power, money, current polling numbers, and individual peccadilloes. There’s no room for politics or to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” in that top 5 list — a list which applies equally to both political parties.

The staff at Wonkette appears almost ready to escape the Matrix. One simple red pill is all that’s required to drop the words “The West Wing” from the titlebar.

OOPSIE! Sometimes we make mistakes over here. We challenge others for theirs, and take responsibility for our own. The writer of the article mentioned above was DCEIVER, so we are making appropriate revisions to this article.

Stephen Gordon

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