Facial Transplant Greatly Needed in the US

According to PajamasMedia, doctors have completed the first partial face transplant in France:

Doctors in France said they had performed the world’s first partial face transplant, forging into a risky medical frontier with their operation on a woman disfigured by a dog bite.

The 38-year-old woman, who wants to remain anonymous, had a nose, lips and chin grafted onto her face from a brain-dead donor whose family gave consent. The operation, performed Sunday, included a surgeon already famous for transplant breakthroughs, Dr. Jean-Michel Dubernard.

America is in dire need of a full facial transplant in the Oval Office. With (today’s count) 2,110 Faces of Death, finding a donor for the brain-dead commander-in-chief should be at the top of our priorities.

UPDATE: Speaking of faces, be sure to check out this online video.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Well, at least the President presented us with a “plan” yesterday. Thirty-three months after the war began and we have a plan! And the plan is…stay the course.

    I feel so relieved.

  2. I do suppose this plan is preferable to what the neo-cons really want – further expansion into other mideastern countries.

  3. Howard Roberts:
    I have written and posted on many blogs a very comprehensive plan-called the seven point exit strategy.
    I compiled this in September of 2004 based on extensive research into the dynamics of the Middle East and the situation on the ground in Iraq as well as the geopolitical ramifications of what an exit strategy could accomplish.
    My posting is a reflection of my desire to begin a conversation and exchange of ideas that will eventually create the incentive for all of those interested in ending the war in Iraq, to come together and present an alternative to the Bush empire’s policies of militarism and domination.
    if you would like to read my plan please go to the Nevada Thunder blog-and search out my seven point exit strategy or e-mail me directly.
    All comments would be appreciated.

  4. Ms. Shinghai-
    I am glad you were able to read my plan.
    One billion-wow- I can almost pay my mortgage with that-and have enough to buy enough gas to get to the store. I feel that we should have a true plan to stabilize 10 cities in America-like New Orleans, Detroit, Tampa, etc-from the results of the organized crime of urban capitialism.
    I was joking with my brother several nights ago about applying for that 1b assignment.
    But I think I’ll try to sell my plan to those who can really end the War-not the ones who refuse compromise and are happy with their ominous results.
    Thanks for you encouragement.