Executive Order 12148

Read this executive order regarding FEMA.

With an executive order from July 20, 1979, FEMA can basically take over the President’s job and the country. Now the problem is that FEMA can’t control this disaster why do they need more power not given to them in the Constitution.

Make your own opinions about this but with this Executive Order the Constitution would be suspended and welcome police state martial law.

Update by Stephen VanDyke: Some clarification may be in order here. EO 12148, signed by then-president Carter, established FEMA as a government organization. This is part of a larger picture called Continuity of Operations Plans, which was put in place during the Cold War to ensure that if Washington D.C. was hit by a nuke or something, government would still exist. In light of the recent bumbling by FEMA, I’m sure some lawmakers are going to be turning a critical eye towards FEMA’s power and abuses in future months.

While we hope they won’t reward incompetence with more funding and power … don’t hold your breathe.

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