Email to LNC: Anyone Awake in DC?

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I read the latest article/PR at the national LP website — South Carolina Libertarians oppose seat belt bill — and shot an email to the LP:

To: Mike Dixon, Joe Seehusen, George Getz
Subject: South Carolina Libertarians oppose seat belt bill

Wow, fucking ground-shattering stuff here guys. Let me tell you about the other 190 millions Americans who give a fuck about what’s happening in SC.

When did it become national’s role to champion every local cause, effectively duplicating effort and boring the living hell out of normal libertarians? Actually, maybe you’re on to something, perhaps national’s role is to shed light on state and local laws. In fact, I have a headline you can use next week: Libertarians in Boise, ID fight against new stop sign at intersection.

I’m tempted to start a satire site based on the LP website, how does Libertonion sound?

Well, instead of bitching, I decided to call Ed Haas himself and just see how a national LP member could help out with his problem in SC. After all, why sit around bitching about laws about to be passed when we can actually stop them. Here’s the follow-up email I sent to the LP after that long conversation, where I learned a few things about the LNC that aren’t very flattering:

I’m not done just yet…

Ed Haas, who is the South Carolina Media Coordinator, has his picture prominently displayed on the press release page of the SC LP website:

So then who the fuck is in this picture?:

What are you guys doing up there? Sitting around playing solitaire and drinking martinis? Someone must have been drunk to not only screw that up, but also put the WRONG date on the press release. Once again national is 2 weeks behind the curve and trying to cover their ass by re-dating press releases.

Just so you don’t think I’m just a complainer, I called Ed myself and asked him how a national member can help him in SC… he wasn’t even aware the article was on the front page of! Way to keep the lines of communication open.

No matter, we hashed out some things national members could do instead of reading the LNC news and getting pissed off: call SC congresscritters and tell them not to vote for the bill; dig up public records on those who support the bill and discover their financial backings from insurance companies (he was adamant they were there); send donations for the creation of an advertisement to be run in SC against the law.

That’s three things members could be doing that they are not doing and were never even suggested.

Anyone awake in D.C.? We’re coming to clean house!

Anyone else hear that rumbling sound? That’s the sound of the LP state chairs region delegates calling for an emergency meeting to kick the LNC chairman out and put in some competent national staff.

Thanks Ed, for taking the time to talk to me, I assure you we are working as hard and as quickly as possible to expose the LNC as the sham it is.

This is NOT Ed Haas of South CarolinaUPDATE: pulled the “Ed Haas” image from the front page (I’ve added it to this post for clarification), and *gasp* an actual response from George Getz:

Dear Mr. VanDyke,

Good luck on the new website. Let’s hope it’s just as professional as your
other communications.

George Getz

He’s referring to my jab about starting the parody site — Libertonion. I love how the bile just drips through this email, clearly not a fan of sarcasm or hyperbole. Perhaps I can expose Getz to one of my professional communications I had the pleasure of writing while working on the LP presidential campaign: fundraising letter From the desk of Michael Badnarik

ANOTHER UPDATE: I respond via email:

Mr. Getz,

My, aren’t you the funny one. I actually laughed at that.

Thing is George, I tried professional. I tried it for quite some time now. I tried it when I called you before the LP convention to get credentials as a blogger for (nominated for a 2005 bloggies award in political journalism). You’re right, bloggers aren’t “real media,” they are killing the “real media,” which deserves to be killed, good non-call there. I’m sure the DNC and RNC were just being idiotic when they invited bloggers to their conventions. Incidentally, I interviewed the candidates anyways after the convention and they all said that view towards the Internet was about as useful as a bucket full of dirt, to paraphrase.

I was professional on a level you’ll never understand when I made sure we responded to EVERY SINGLE EMAIL that was sent to the Badnarik campaign. It seems email to anything at is a crapshoot at best.

And I was professional when I ghost-writ for Mike when doing fundraising. Though I’m certain the LP doesn’t care that we were able to boost fundraising over the Internet simply by showing results, fostering a community atmosphere and asking for money. We never missed a target goal the entire campaign, and I even made Geoffe Neale eat his words when he said I couldn’t raise enough money over the Internet to meet a goal.

So don’t think you can dismiss me with some backhanded remark when you have no clue how to do Internet communications or marketing.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: The exchange has taken a turn for the civil, will link shortly.

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  1. Awesome stuff Stephen! I remember that letter, I thought it was from Mike.

    I donated when the Badnarik site was fixed up and looked really good, better than Bush or Kerry.

  2. needs to be re-directed to when it’s up and running. Maybe then this party will make some headway.

  3. All I can say is “Ouch”….

    and keep up the good work, Stephen. I hope that they can take some hints from libertarians so that they wont need to go through the pain of looking for new jobs soon.