Eichmann and Hooch

Cute puppies: enemies of the state?Being a jackbooted thug is doggone fun to the cops in St. Bernard Parish — quite literally. No longer content with forcing people from their homes or stealing their guns, they are now shooting dogs. I’m not talking about putting down some abandoned, starving, or injured creature — but shooting people’s loved (and presumably well cared for) family pets. The Oxford Press reports:

That left forced evacuee Marie Miller on the verge of tears.

“They shot our dogs!” Miller, a 54-year-old housewife, said of her mixed pit bulls, Angel and Hooch. She had gone inside to collect clothes and personal papers when she heard it.

“Boom! Boom!” Miller said. “Hooch came in and had blood all over him.”

Expect the heartless killing of family pets to be added to the next update of the FEMA Disaster Operations Manual, placed somewhere between victim disarmament and relocation to the gulags.

  1. Where is PETA? I think that the news should be all over this story because I just seen people travel all over the country to capture dogs and take care of them until the disaster areas could be cleaned but they would like to kill peoples pets hell it is probably just as fun as forcing an old woman to leave her home by beating her up.

  2. You bunch of disturbed people!

    What do you care about a few puppies?! Yet, on the other hand, you think it is moral to remove a feeding tube from a disabled woman! Think, you morons, think!!!!

    This is truly one disturbed blog!

  3. Seth I couldn’t agree more. We should let rednecks and hicks be just that. If they want to go out and blast animals for fun… hell why not right. I mean they pick up the rabbits, squirrels, coyotes, birds they shoot and eat them right? They don’t just go blasting away for mere enjoyment do they? They are TRUE hunters.

    Oh wait… we are not talking about lesser creatures than that of us pristinely blessed. We are talking about peoples pets, AKA a family member. Perhaps it is ok for them to kill your child and laugh it off like they were insignificant.

    What are you smoking!?

    The Schiavo woman was just that. Unfortunately for her family… which included her husband who was made to look the evil man, will continually have to tolerate ignorant asses like you using her as a pawn.

    Evolve already, stop being stuck in the 1200’s.

  4. SethWind: Yet, on the other hand, you think it is moral to remove a feeding tube from a disabled woman!

    Everyone once in a while, there is an issue about which I don’t make any public commentary. One of them was the Schiavo case.

    To be clear, I’ve made no speeches, given no interviews, written any op-eds, nor make any blog rants about the issue.

    Of course we are disturbed, that is plainly evidenced by the amount of time we spend on the internet. But you can’t call me disturbed because of my opinion on the Schiavo case, because you don’t know what it is.

  5. The same with me, I have made no public statements on the Schiavo case. There is more than one person posting here now.