Dubya Finally Finds Some Kindred Spirits

With the continuing decline in his domestic approval ratings, one should not be surprised by news reports coming from Mongolia indicating Bush’s popularity with the locals. The Australians already know his game, and report that he skipped out of Rosa Parks’ recent funeral in order to escape being booed.

The International Herald Tribune reports it this way:

ULAN BATOR, Mongolia — If you are an American president in need of just a few hours of temporary political asylum – no debate about Iraq, no Chinese leaders stiff-arming the U.S. agenda, and plenty of adulation – here is the solution: Come to the endless steppes that Ghengis Khan made famous.

For those not up on their history, Wiki provides us with this refresher course:

Destruction and effects on civilians

Genghis preferred to offer opponents the chance to submit to his rule without a fight, but was merciless if he encountered any resistance: in such cases he would mercilessly attack the population of the resisting cities leaving engineers, submitted troops, artists, spies and human shields to survive. There also were instances of mass slaughters even where there was no resistance, especially in Northern China, where the vast majority of the populations had long histories of accepting nomadic rulers.

Genghis’ conquests were characterized by wholesale destruction on an unprecedented scale and radically changes in the demographics of Asia. Over much of Central Asia Indo-European Persian-speakers were replaced by Turkic speakers. According to the works of Iranian historian Rashid al-Din, the Mongols killed over 70,000 people in Merv and more than a million in Nishapur. China suffered a drastic decline in population. Before the Mongol invasion, China had 80 million inhabitants; after the complete conquest in 1279, the census in 1300 showed it to have roughly 60 million people. How many of these deaths were attributable directly to Genghis and his forces is unclear.

One might think that Dubya and Genghis have a lot in common, such as their love of empire or general ruthlessness. There are some striking differences between the two, though. To begin, Kahn’s military personnel file is significantly more complete than Bush’s, with no one year gap in his Air Guard Calvary service records. Additionally, Genghis Kahn had a true love of horses, unlike the American fake tin star president. As reported in the International Herald Tribune article:

Gift horse? No thanks.

Bush may love Texas, and love his ranch, as he reminded Mongolians Monday when he stood in their Parliament and compared their land to his. But his enthusiasm does not extend to another Mongolian passion – horses.

When the U.S. defense secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, was here a month ago, the Mongolians presented him with their highest honor: a beautiful gelding that he named Montana. When the White House caught wind of this tradition, they knew they would have to head it off at the pass, so to speak. “There aren’t any horses at the Bush ranch,” one of his aides noted. “At least none that he rides.”

Despite the common history of ruthless empire building, it seems that even the Mongols could begin to hate Bush as much as we do when they get to know him a little better.

Stephen Gordon

I like tasteful cigars, private property, American whiskey, fast cars, hot women, pre-bailout Jeeps, fine dining, worthwhile literature, low taxes, original music, personal privacy and self-defense rights -- but not necessarily in this order.

  1. I hate to say nice things about Bush Version 2.0, but the reason he didn’t go to Parks’ funeral is the same as why he didn’t go to the NAACP slugfest – er, convention – it’s because he’d get booed, but he’d get booed because he’s not on board with the “Whitey Sucks!” agenda the NAACP has been following for decades. Oh, it may not be printed in their bylaws, but with the “reparations” crowd and the nutbags like Calypso Louie Wrath of Farrakhan-style “the New Orleans levees were blown up by racists to drown poor black people” kind of rhetoric… hell, *I* wouldn’t go, either.

    In other words, Bush may not be that stoopid, after all.

    BTW, why won’t the press talk about the conservative-leaning black groups? Why is it always Al Sharpton, Kweezy Mfume, and Jesse J. who get the limelight? Those racism wounds will NEVER heal with these jokers running the repair effort… it would be like taking money from their own pockets. They WANT racism to be a problem, just as the Drug Czar wants there to be a constant drug war. Solve the problem, you lose your job. Simple Washington DC logic.

  2. Keith,

    Quite often some black people are right-hating simply because of old-fashioned bi-partisan politics. It is our job to actively engage this community so they can see there is another option.

    As an example, check out this link (original article is gone) http://www.lpalabama.org/node/118. He is prominent and seems pretty economically conservative to me.

    I recently attended the 40th anniversary gala of the Alabama ACLU, as as one might correctly imagine, it was mostly a living history of the civil rights movement — and quite a few of the leaders were present and/or speaking at the event.

    I was met with neither hostility nor disrespect at the event — to be sure, most people there strongly respected the LP for not being racist in the least and standing up for what we believe in.

    The problem is that the two party system will not take race out of politics so they can continue to draw their artificial battle lines built upon the politics of hate.

  3. Stephen,

    I tend to shoot from the cuff on this subject, because every time I see the usual Sharpton/Farrakhan/Jesse Jackson types, it’s never pretty. I’m still wondering why it’s always the leftists in the civil-rights movement that get all the press, but that’s a self-answering query, isn’t it?

    Yes, there are still stoopid WHITE racists, and they should be dealt with. But we’ve come a long way from the “Whites Only” drinking fountains, despite what Ted Kennedy said to Robert Bork or what gets said today – wait for the “Alito will roll back civil rights” rhetoric. How, exactly, can that happen? The Supreme Court can’t bring back segregation. You know that, I know that, sensible people know that, but… oh, well, that’s how it is. Sad, isn’t it.