Denver Rider Case: Common Sense Prevails

Deborah DavisPapers Please (via HSorHS) has the update that Deborah Davis, the famed Denver bus passenger who refused to show ID, has had all charges against her dropped (our previous coverage):

DENVER, 7 December 2005. Deborah Davis will not be prosecuted on charges related to her refusal to show ID on a public bus.
Deb’s lawyer, ACLU volunteer attorney Gail Johnson, was informed shortly before noon today by the office of the US attorney in Denver of their decision not to prosecute.
A rally scheduled for this Friday morning in support of Deb’s stand in favor of the Freedom to Travel will go ahead as planned. A victory ride on the route 100 RTD bus by Deb and some of her supporters will take place shortly thereafter.

I’m certain this positive outcome wouldn’t have been possible without all the blogger scrutiny. I’m glad to see 4th amendment vigilance is standard procedure on the Internet these days and is having a positive impact.