Denver Rider Case: Common Sense Prevails

Deborah DavisPapers Please (via HSorHS) has the update that Deborah Davis, the famed Denver bus passenger who refused to show ID, has had all charges against her dropped (our previous coverage):

DENVER, 7 December 2005. Deborah Davis will not be prosecuted on charges related to her refusal to show ID on a public bus.

Deb’s lawyer, ACLU volunteer attorney Gail Johnson, was informed shortly before noon today by the office of the US attorney in Denver of their decision not to prosecute.

A rally scheduled for this Friday morning in support of Deb’s stand in favor of the Freedom to Travel will go ahead as planned. A victory ride on the route 100 RTD bus by Deb and some of her supporters will take place shortly thereafter.

I’m certain this positive outcome wouldn’t have been possible without all the blogger scrutiny. I’m glad to see 4th amendment vigilance is standard procedure on the Internet these days and is having a positive impact.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Unfortunately, this isn’t over yet. There’s still tomorrow’s rally and protest, in which a whole bunch of people will take over a route 100 bus and all refuse to show ID when it enters the Denver Federal Center. And they’ve said they will continue to challenge the ID policy in court…

  2. One of the strategies to unerve the criminals in power should be to question their integrity and the integrity of the system. Telling them loud and in clear terms that they cannot be trusted.

    Tell every court that it cannot be trusted to uphold the rights of the citizens.

    Every bureau(c)rat should be looked down upon and despised like Judas’s because each and every one is colluding with those in power for 30 pieces of silver i.e. their salary.

    The police cannot be trusted because they protect the criminals in power, they never shy away from arresting the normal citizen but when it comes to the abnormal murdurers and criminals in power they do not arrest them because whenever it suits them they change the laws to their own advantage which is why they will back the police up when the police kill the citizens in cold blood. The criminals in power and the police protect each others interest.

    It is time for the whole world to question the very existence of government.

  3. so what happens now? is the policy changed? or are they simply waiting for the heat to be off? the sad thing is that most americans would probable support the showing of papers to commute. check out the happy new yorkers and their random bag searches.

  4. According to the Denver Post, when the Colorado U.S. Attorney’s office was pressed as to why charges were dismissed, the response was on a technicality. When pressed further, they stated they were reviewing the signs at the entrance of the complex to see if they were in compliance.

    I believe the beauracrats know they are so wrong and lame on this issue that they have no idea how to justify asking for ID and now are back pedaling to try to come up with some stupid reason to now ask for ID’s.

    Seems to me the heat was on and the “officials” backed down. It will be interesting to see the outcome when the riders refuse to show ID to test the system. I bet it is not over yet and the protestors will be arrested on some other charges for refusing to show ID’s.

  5. Thing is:

    1. Is this really the end of her plight, or will another shoe drop?

    2. How much is she out, monetarily and spiritually? This HAD to cost her, both ways.

    3. What can be done to minimize this happening to anyone else? (I’d love to be optimistic and say “to prevent it from ever happening to anyone else”, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.)

    4. Will heads ever roll over this?

    5. Will monkeys fly out of my butt before heads roll over this?

  6. Face it. They’ll keep testing it and testing it until it becomes reality one day.

    The average citizen or any citizen has absolutely NO POWER.
    You had it, but you wanted to let the government do your dirty work for you (ala Trail of Tears).

    You’re expected to look away when any thing happens to other people OR shut up and take it when the hand slaps YOUR face. God is shoved down your throat and you are told to go about your life peacefully and hold hands. That’s why nothing gets done. MEANWHILE, your government is corrupt, lies, steals, kills, detroys, loots, and abandons their own people. When will the BIG LIE end?

    When it is TRUTH. 1984.

    You watch as minorities are abused and destroyed.

    Now they come for you.

    have fun.


  7. The rally and protest went on as scheduled. Davis and several supporters boarded an RTD bus bound for the Denver Federal Center, and all refused to show ID. All of five people, presumably not involved with the protest, who would show ID were transferred to another bus, according to the Rocky Mountain News.

  8. The people left on Bus 100 who would not show their ID’s were turned back. Only the people that got off the original bus and boarded a special bus and showed their ID’s were allowed to continue their travels according to the Denver Post.

    The saga unfolds. The score is now tied. Freedom 1, feds 1.


    Davis, who received thousands of e-mails of virtual support, saw few of those folks willing to brave the chill

    Milling about were a couple of activists (and by couple, I mean two) sporting smart signs, a sampling of American Civil Liberties Union lawyers, some press, cameras and … and that’s it.