Decency Standards for Cable being Sought

FCC indecencyJoe Stump goes off on a rant about Senator Ted Stevens’s (R-AK) proposed cable decency bill which would extend public television decency laws into the private spectrum of cable and satellite television:

But what about the children?!? Screw you and the children. Just because you’re too stupid to enable and use the plethora of parental controls available to you (V Chip, TiVo’s parental controls, your cable box’s controls, etc.) or you’re too lazy to actually pay attention to what your kid watches doesn’t mean I should suffer. I’m sick and tired of people ducking their parental responsibilities.

It’s funny that Republicans are keen to use the argument that they are doing something for “the public good” (won’t someone think about the children?) when it comes to piety but are quick to kick liberals when they use the same rationality for entitlement programs.

On an ironic note, you can find all the indecency you crave in a conveniently condensed format just by visiting the Parents Television Council website.

UPDATE: Vodka Pundit weighs in as well: “Keep the Democrats out of my wallet and the Republicans out of my entertainment. Please.”

Stephen VanDyke

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