Dance Dance SCOTUS Nomination

Ok, so we all know conservative John Roberts is Bush’s pick to replace Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. No big surprise that he’s an anti-abortion/pro-life nominee… frankly that doesn’t concern me as long as his street cred as a state’s rights conservative lives up to the hype.

What does make me pause, is that this guy will be on the panel of the ultimate check and balance on our government and essentially the final authority of our lives. Basically, telling us how to live our lives and handing down decrees and opinions on how we are allowed to raise our families.

And he can’t even control his own fucking kid. I mean shit… I would have flipped out if my kid was doing disco moves in a presidential press conference, and he would have been grounded for at least a year.

Which leads us to the obvious sticking point for a conservative justice… the abortion issue. I have a theory, and it’s this: misery loves company.

Seriously… I’m betting Roberts is bitter about abortion because his own rugrat turned out to be an ADD-riddled monster and wants everyone to suffer with their own hellacious accidental child. Just a theory here.

UPDATE: Knappster has similar sentiment, but more about Roberts being a waste of time to filibuster:

If Senate Democrats are smart, they’ll roll out the red carpet, put on their best smiles, effusively endorse and overwhelmingly vote to confirm Roberts. They should save their ammo for the much more meaningful fights that are probably coming their way.

Frankly, I think this is a dead-end nominee to argue over, but who knows what the Democrats are thinking strategically these days anyways.

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