Crisis News Networks: Sloganizing Katrina

FOXNews Katrina televisionOh come on, we all knew it was just a matter of time until they started giving the evacuation and relief effort some patriotic jingoist slogans, or at least some clever phonetic alliteration. Here’s the one’s I’ve seen so far with my own comments:

FOX News – America’s Challenge
We love being reminded what country this happened in, by gosh we shore do.

MSNBC – Katrina: Crisis and Recovery
Kinda blah, gets the point across but not an official sloganizing. Maybe covering the event is their priority, who knows.

CNN – Sudden Fury: In Katrina’s Deadly Wake
Not actually sure if this is the official slogan, but you gotta hand it to CNN for realizing just how dire their slogan response was after 5 days that they came up with this mouthful.

Can anyone help us with news about how they’re sloganizing the gas price crunch? Leave it in the comments and we’ll update.

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Stephen VanDyke

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  1. I know this isn’t the specific post about the issue, but on the bus issue mentioned earlier. Orleans Parish had tried busing folks out before for evacuations but many, many folks just would not go. I think it is even more apparent now, with foks not being able to get back to areas that are otherwise dry, that even more will likely not evacuate next time due to fears that they will not be let back in to help out their neighbors and friends and to protect their property. (We KNOW who the good guys are in our neighborhoods FAR better than the overwhelmed police do.) I think the folks in Jefferson and Orleans Parish need to look closely at the north shore. Folks here are being told not to come back, but they have… in droves. And their being here is not only not hindering the recovery process, they are helpoing it by protecting thier neighborhoods, bringing in supplies, opening up businesses and being able to be a forward relief area for those places we are not being allowed into.

    For a good idea, though, of why so many folks don’t leave I think the NY Times article by Anne Rice does a decent job. It’s hard for me to read it because I’m still too focused on what to do to get everything back up and running and reading that is a focus on what we have lost and I just can’t go there right now. I just have to keep looking ahead.

    To check it out: NYTimes Link

  2. My personal favorite CNN acronym is “Contains No News”
    Seriously, this guy did an hour analysis of coverage during a non-catastrophe day… his findings were downright amazing

    Basically, he claims that only 5 minutes is dedicated to real news. The rest is fluff, repeated headlines, and what celebrities are doing. And this is CNN folks!